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The Music Video For Bad Bunny and Bomba Estéreo’s Song ‘Ojitos Lindos’ Garnered Over Two Million Views in Less Than 24 Hours

The Music Video For Bad Bunny and Bomba Estéreo’s Song ‘Ojitos Lindos’ Garnered Over Two Million Views in Less Than 24 Hours
Credit: Screenshot of “Ojitos Lindos” Music Video on YouTube

The official music video for the hit single, “Ojitos Lindos,” from Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin Ti” album was released yesterday.  

The video was released as a way for both Bad Bunny and the Colombian band Bomba Estéreo to aid in Valentine Day’s festivities. The video, directed by Stillz, already has over two million views and is among the top five videos trending on YouTube since the writing of this article.  

The video’s massive success is expected. After all, the song itself has more than 1.3 billion streams.  

Bad Bunny made sure to curate a feel-good album with songs that would speak to his listener’s hearts. He had a variety of sounds and rhythms, but there’s no doubt that “Ojitos Lindos” was made for los enamorados, for lovers, and those who are hopeless romantics.  

‘Ojitos Lindos’ is an unforgettable song

“Ojitos Lindos” starts off with Liliana Saumet from Bomba Estéreo singing about the deep love she has within her and she goes on to sing about how staring at these “ojitos lindos” or “beautiful eyes” makes her feel like she’s been born again. 

Hace mucho tiempo le hago caso al corazón
Y pasan los día’, los mese’ pensando en tu olor
Ha llegado el tiempo para usar la razón
Ante’ que sea tarde y sin querer me parta en do’ 

Antes de que salga el sol y hunda el acelerador
Que vaya sin frenos y pierda el control
Nada más seremos do’, tú y yo acariciándono’
En medio del tiempo, sin decir adiós 

Y solo mírame con esos ojito’ lindo’
Que con eso yo estoy bien
Hoy he vuelto a nacer 

Marcos Efraín Masís Fernández, who is known professionally as Tainy by the music industry, produced the song. 

“Tainy worked his magic to build ‘Ojitos Lindos’ with Benito’s vision and our Bomba essence,” Liliana Saumet said in an official press statement. “Benito wanted a nice and pretty song so we worked together in the studio in Miami to make a nice and pretty song and I think the outcome accomplished that.” 

Through Saumet’s and Benito’s unique vibes, they were able to create one of the best songs of UVST. Saumet has previously performed “Ojitos Lindos” alongside Bad Bunny at sold-out shows. 


“‘Ojitos Lindos’ perfectly represents the vibe of the album,” Tainy added. “It’s one of those songs that instantly transports you when you listen to it. Hearing the combination of Benito (Bad Bunny) and Li’s vocals was incredible for me. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the album.“ 

According to the official press statement, the “Ojitos Lindos” video follows Bomba’s single “Me Duele” with the Barcelona-based icon Manu Chao. “Me Duele” was created during a Manu Chao visit to Liliana Saumet’s home studio on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. A portion of the song’s royalties is being donated to Costeño Social, a school in Guachaca, near Li’s home. 

 Watch the video here! 

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