‘Mystery,’ A Poem by Sawhney

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Photo courtesy of latimes.com



Don’t forget

I can see within you

And I can hear the rising and falling of your tides

But you hide worlds

That I will never see


And you hide emotions

That I know to exist

But can never be set free


You are

A mystery of many sights

And I don’t know why

You keep me blinded

From love


I can’t

See you

I just know

There is a heart

That bleeds

Some type of love


And yet

Your secret world

Never reveals itself

As your wounds

Lay exposed

To me




This piece was inspired by my own observations of someone. There was a connection that I wanted to grow, so I stood back and watched them. After careful observation, I knew that there was so much more to them buried down below. Would I see it? An attentive conversation revealed to me that I would not be able to see those hidden sides. They were hidden far deeper than they were comfortable to show. Sometimes we eventually come to understand that certain aspects of our lives are hidden for a reason.