Natalia Lafourcade Releases New Single in Tribute to Pedro Infante

Natalia Lafourcade Cien Años BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Sony Music Mexico.

After the success of her last project, “Un Canto por México Vol. 1,” Mexican singer and songwriter Natalia Lafourcade has delighted her fans with a taste of the second volume of her compilation of the greatest hits of the regional music repertoire.

The singer announced on social media the release of her new single “Cien años,” a cover of one of the most recognized songs in Mexico and Latin America, performed by Pedro Infante.

For the cover of the 1953 Mexican classic, Natalia Lafourcade invited the legendary Pepe Aguilar. She continues her global project “Un Canto” to benefit the Son Jarocho Cultural Center in Veracruz.

“The video that we made for ‘Cien Años’ ‘is the story of a giant who is in love with the moon and a little bird who is in love with the giant,” Natalia explained in a press release. “A chain of unrequited love. As the giant dreams that the moon will one day look upon him and love him in return, the little bird follows the giant’s steps, yearning to someday be seen and experience a fulfilling love together with many encounters by the light of the moon.”

“Cien Años” is a classic song that was popularized by Pedro Infante. “The first time that I listened to “Cien Años,” I felt the world stop,” Natalia says. “I heard the voice of Pedro Infante behind a profound sigh, that unmistakable guitar chord that begins the song. I thought about love and how everything revolves around it; it makes us die and be born. It gives life meaning. That feeling, that voice, those violins, that mariachi, that scenery, that magic, that Mexico…”.

Un Canto por Mexico is an umbrella project with which Natalia Lafourcade has supported various humanitarian efforts. It is currently focused on the CDSJ, which was severely damaged by the September 2017 earthquakes. She has also supported this effort with a 2017 benefit concert in Anaheim and the Amplifica earthquake relief benefit concert in Mexico. She also partnered with Nido Social A.C., Fideicomiso Fuerza Mexico, Fundación Pienza Sostenible and architecture firm Taller ADG. In October 2019, it followed up this project with a sold-out performance at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, the proceeds of which went to the reconstruction of the CDSJ.