Natalia Lafourcade Releases New Album With Stellar Guests

Natalia Lafourcade Un Canto Por Mexico 2 BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of HOLA.

Natalia Lafourcade, one of Latin America’s most prolific artists, doesn’t seem to waste a minute of creative time. Just weeks after releasing a small sample of her upcoming work, Lafourcade has released “Un canto por México, Vol. 2,” her new album and follow-up to her most successful production to date.

“Un canto por México, Vol. 1,” an album that won three Latin Grammys in 2020, including “Album of the Year,” was conceived as a benefit album. The production proceeds were instrumental in rebuilding one of Mexico’s cultural treasures: the Veracruz Son Jarocho Documentation Center, damaged by the 2017 earthquake.

But when Lafourcade began to work on the album in 2019, she quickly realized that the project was bigger in spirit and scope than anything she had undertaken before.

Right from the start, she envisioned this luminous collection of songs as the first of two albums. “It all began with a benefit concert in November 2019,” she explained in a press release. “As soon as it was over, we realized that we couldn’t just leave it at that. We needed to find a way so that more people could enjoy the music — and our initial motivation for this project could establish deeper roots.  As we began rallying fellow artists and recording tracks, it became apparent that a single album wasn’t enough.”

The release of “Un canto por México, Vol. 2” signifies the closing of a circle and a moving celebration of Mexican culture. The conceptual album features a powerful roster of guest artists.

“The making of these albums found me at a specific moment in time when I was questioning myself both as an artist and a woman,” explains Lafourcade. “What is the final destination of my path? What kind of messages should my music be associated with?  I come from a land that has more than its share of dark moments — but the positive elements are marvelous.  I felt the need to contribute to the cause through my art”.

Born in Mexico City and raised in Veracruz, Lafourcade is today one of the most important voices on the Latin American music scene and one of the most gifted songwriters of her generation.

After the success of her first self-titled album released in 2001, the young artist’s personal and professional growth focused on interpretations of Latin American classics, paying tribute to the legacy of icons such as Mercedes Sosa and Violeta Parra.

Her latest album is undoubtedly the crowning work of all her efforts.

“I love to think that this project could inspire more people to lend a hand,” she reflects. “We involved the talent of many artists — their strength, their soul and spirit, all of us marching forward together. It’s my biggest pride.”