How a Latino Brought Fleetwood Mac Back

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Thunder only happens when it’s raining; players only love you when they’re playing. Thanks to this year’s TikTok sensation Nathan Apodaca, those bittersweet lyrics penned by the legendary singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks are being sung not only by Boomers again but Generation Zers as well. 

When Apodaca, a peace-loving and pot-smoking, 37-year-old Idaho-native with a Native American mom (a fan of Stevie Nicks) and a Mexican dad, posted a 16-second-video clip in late September on the popular social media video site, he never would have imagined that he’d be behind the legendary seventies rock band Fleetwood Mac’s global revival of their 1977 hit song “Dreams.” 

Billboard reported that the former No. 1 song flew back up to No. 20 decades after. Rolling Stone also noted that although “Dreams” garnered about 49,000 streams a day before Apodaca’s video, it’s now streaming an average of 105,000 times a day. 

Many of us were left thinking why all the fuss regarding this simple video by a working-class Latino father of two girls who goes by the TikTok name of @420doggface208.

While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact formula for going viral, we can only surmise it’s that look of utter tranquility on his face and those good vibes in these pandemic times. In the video, Apodaca humorously flirts with the camera, giving the world a typically Latino puchero with his lips that seems to say, “Hey, what’s up,” while he cruises on a longboard on his way to work in a potato factory. In order not to be late, he jumped on his skateboard that day when his car’s battery failed him once again. 

As we watch Apodaca lookout on the open road he’s traveling on, we see the wind on his mask-less face as the first base heavy chords of “Dreams” begin. Then he takes a long swig of some Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, reflexive for a second or two, before jumping into a lip-sync on perfect cue of  Nick’s gypsy poetry: It’s only right that you should play the way you feel it…looking as dreamy as the song’s title of the “Rumours” album.  

The rest is viral history. 

I spoke to Marcela Riomalo, a Wellness specialist and Lifestyle editor at Grupo Planeta, to ask her opinion on why his video hit a nerve.  “He captured that something that we all so badly need in our lives during this pandemic,” said Riomalo. “His simplicity of life and that authentic kind of wellbeing that so many pay so much for to have and that this guy just exudes so naturally without spending a penny says a lot.”   

No mask, no office, no computer, no car, no traffic, no worries, he’s happy. Even Jimmy Fallon was a tad envious, and in a hilarious spoof of the Tik Tok video tries to capture Apodaca’s cool, although Fallon is trapped indoors under the fluorescent lights of his interior office and with protective Covid gear on his face. 

These days we all want a piece of Apodaca’s peace.  To quote Nicks from the “Dreams” track, in what is said to be a dedication to her ex and Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsay Buckingham: You say you want your freedom, well who am I to keep you down?