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New BELatina Episode Showers Us with Many Holiday Gifts

The holidays are here – and so is the new episode of BELatina TV!

We know how much the Latino community enjoys the holidays or las fiestas, so we gave it all for our holiday episode. It was thanks to this episode that we were able to share some great gems. From getting runway ready to setting up the perfect holiday dinner table, this episode is filled with the best tips and tricks. We even showcased some of the greatest stocking stuffers anyone can give this year.



The holiday season is emotional and confusing. After all, with everything going on and all the options at our fingertips, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. This could be due to a lack of structure or organization, but that’s why BELatina is here to help you sort things out. 

The many gifts from BELatina’s holiday episode 

As you watch this BELatina episode, you’ll notice that we brought in Ann Deal who is the founder and creator of the original water bra. Yes, the one behind the flawless Oscars looks that we’ve seen for years walk down the red carpet. Believe it or not, an outfit is not ready unless the underwear is just right – and she’s proven that with the amazing selection she offers at her globally-renowned company, Fashion Forms. 

New BELatina Episode Showers Us with Many Holiday Gifts
Left to right: Hallie Gerhart (Ann Deal’s right hand), Lysa Liemer (BELatina’s Executive Producer), Karent Sierra (BELatina’s host), Ann Deal (Founder and CEO of Fashion Forms, and Christi Arce (BELatina’s Director)

In order to complement the perfect outfit to strut down your family’s sala, Karent Sierra spoke with Gina from Dashing Diva to give us all the pointers for the perfect manicure. The holidays are wild and sometimes it doesn’t leave us with enough time to pamper ourselves, so Dashing Diva came up with the solution: press on nails. Now, these press-on nails are not like any you’ve seen before. They have a technology in their adhesive that makes them stick for more time the longer you push down on the nail. It is almost magical! On top of that, they now feature the Glazed Donut nail, the same nail style the Brazilian-descent model, Hailey Bieber, spoke about a few weeks ago. 

Trying on Dashing Diva press on nails

And to tie everything up – because BELatina thought of everything – we had Princess House deck the studios’ halls with all the best holiday cookware and decorations. What made everything even more special was how beautiful the dinner table looked. From the table runner to the glassware both James and Karent drank their sangria from, everything was gorgeous. 

Holiday dinner table courtesy of Princess House

Since the special holiday date is around the corner, we encourage everyone to watch this episode – it will make your planning so much easier!

You can find the episode in this article. 

And, of course, happy holidays, mi gente!   

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