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New Latina-Founded Fashion Brands You Should Support

Latina founded fashion brands BELatina Latinx
Photo: @lightslabel/Instagram

Sure, it’s Latinx Heritage Month, but we support Latina-founded and owned brands every day of the year. However, this month is meant to put a particular highlight on all things Latinx, and we are definitely here for that. One topic that gets covered a lot for LHM is fashion. Important brands and designers are shared, as well as their must-shop pieces. 

We want to share cool, newer Latina-founded fashion brands that may not be on your radar. These companies were founded in 2018 or later but have already gotten online buzz. These are the Latinx brands making moves in fashion that you should definitely know about. 

Lights Label

Launched in 2019, Lights Label is the fashion branch of Cuban Kathleen Lights’ empire (you probably already know her from her beauty vlogs, nail polish, and makeup collabs). Think ‘90s athleisure, like sweat shorts, oversized tees, one-shoulder tanks; fun pops of color, and uplifting messages emblazoned even on the clothing tags. In addition to clothing, you can shop coordinating phone cases, water bottles, totes, candles, and more. 

Casa Nortes

Casa Nortes’ mission is to “express our appreciation for the Rarámuri culture through clothing.” This love for one of Mexico’s First Nations is translated into evergreen, made-to-order garments hand-crafted “by a women-owned Raramuri workshop.” Casa Nortes’ online shop is stocked with beautiful, must-have, gauzy dresses, balloon-sleeved blouses, and utilitarian canvas bags. 


Monika Silva’s GAUGE81 stepped into the fashion scene in 2019 and has been wowing consumers with its sleek, body-con silhouettes and ‘90s supermodel vibe. Although the brand is based in Amsterdam, the design is the work of a Colombiana.

Brendalin & Cora

Founded in 2018 by Brendalin Caceres and Ivana Cora, Brendalin & Cora is a brand that carries closet staples that every Latina needs. We’re talking camis and jumpsuits, leggings and miniskirts, jeans and dresses (and more), all with a sleek, neutral, and timeless look. 


Fashion extends to everything you wear, including undergarments. After all, wearing the wrong underwear can completely ruin an outfit. Thankfully, there are brands like EBY, launched in 2018 by Renata Black and Sofia Vergara. The subscription service, at $39 (three panties every three months) or $65 (five panties every six months), provides quality underwear and a discount for products like bralettes, seamless tanks, face masks, and more (you can also buy these items at full price). Added bonus? EBY focuses on “no sweatshops; no fast fashion” production and finances micro-loans for female entrepreneurs with a portion of proceeds.