New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: Bold Changes and Bigger Dreams

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Ending chapters and boldly moving towards our dreams is the theme of the last new-moon-eclipse combo of the year. This powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius arrives at 2:42 a.m. ET on December 4th (or 11:42 p.m. PT on December 3rd), heralding optimism, new beginnings, surprises, and much-anticipated cambios!

New moons are a time of releasing the old and seeding the new. 

The sky is dark with vast potential and our intentions are apt to receive the energy they need to take root and grow! Choosing wisely, embracing our cultura, and confidently being who we are will help us make unexpected leaps and bounds! 

Sagittarius (also known as the truth seeker) and the lucky planet Jupiter (known for expansion) rule the 9th house of the natal chart. This house pertains to philosophy, spirituality, greater wisdom, foreign travel, and higher education. 

If you’ve been wanting to explore a spiritual path, submit a book proposal, book an international retreat, or return to higher education in some way, now is the time! 

Mercury (known as the messenger) is in Sagittarius, hence creating a positive environment for clear communication around a sudden change of plans during this time of year. 

As we draw back our bow, we must focus on the life-changing events ignited in this area of life. 

This is a significant eclipse because it is the final one of a cycle that began in June 2020. This lunar event offers us an opportunity to integrate the progress we’ve made in the last year and a half — and move confidently towards our biggest goals!

Making the Most of the Nodal Cycle

The last eclipse of the year, the Sagittarius-Gemini eclipse, is ending its 18-month stay, after starting in early June 2020 when the nodes moved into Sagittarius and Gemini. This shift in nodes, north node (known as the true north Star/destiny), and south node (known as the past life mastery) heightens the energy; another cycle like this will not return until 2029. 

The Sagittarius-Gemini eclipse cycle highlights aspects of life ruled by both luminaries:  Gemini (known for communication, short trips, and mental processes) and Sagittarius (known for long-distance travel, higher education, and our beliefs.) 

In the last 18 months — under this nodal cycle — we’ve seen both personal and collective changes in communication, thinking, education, beliefs, and long-distance travel due to the pandemic. So, it’s time to integrate these societal and personal truths we’ve faced, including systemic racism, social distancing, increased remote work, polarization over the vaccine, and the imbalanced power of the media.

The themes for the first Sagittarius eclipse in early June 2020 were about the fiery revolution and the focus on truth-seeking in our personal and collective realities. These themes were very visible during the protests against systemic racism, police brutality, and racial inequality. 

It’s important to note that while we all experienced the last 18 months, we did not all experience them in the same way. 

 For instance, the last year and a half gifted us increased interest in ancestral healing, reclaiming Black and Indigenous practices as well as the rise of BIPOC and Latinx leaders and media platforms. There is no denying that collectively we are moving towards a more supportive, inclusive, and diverse awareness — we all need to continue to do the work to dismantle the systems that have kept Black, Brown, LGBTQIA, immigrants, and undocumented people oppressed.  

To make the most of this nodal shift, look back at the last 18 months and assess where you were, what major life changes occurred, how you met the challenges, and reflect on where you are now. Chances are that you were so engaged that you may have not truly noticed the major shifts and changes that have moved through your life!  

If there are any loose ends or changes you have been procrastinating on know that you’re standing at the fork in the road and are asked to make a choice that needs to happen for you to evolve in your career and life. 

As this cycle ends, we are reminded to re-evaluate how our communication, long-term goals, and beliefs have shifted — and what still needs to be released for us to live with even greater freedom! Fine-tuning the small details to manifest our biggest dreams is key! 

This eclipse is an invitation to reclaim your most authentic self and the most fulfilling vision of your life.

Sagittarian Exploration: Exercise

Set yourself up in a quiet space to go deeper and seed intentions for this powerful time! Light a white candle or a color you feel called to, take a few minutes to breathe, and connect with your breathing patterns. Say a prayer and/or ask your Higher Self and Angels to support you in this time of change. Imagine the you from 18 months ago, the you that you are now, and the grandest vision of who you want to be. 

Think of the following:

  •     Where were you on June 20 20? Where were you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually? What has your journey been like from then until now, 18 months later? Are there any highlights, losses, or gains that you want to honor at this time? 
  •     Has your vision changed since June 2020? What have you learned in the last 18 months? Have your spiritual beliefs transformed in some way?
  •     What needs to be left behind? Think of beliefs, habits, patterns that cannot help you in the upgraded version of your life. What can be brought forward with you?
  •     Taking another deep breath, ask yourself, “What is the biggest, brightest, boldest vision of my life that I dare to envision at this time?” Allow yourself to really play into this vision. How do you feel, how do you live, and how does your work impact the world?
  •     Imagine that you are already existing in that vision and let your body reflect on those feelings. Now ask your future self within, “What do I need to transform in order to step into this bold vision of my life?”

 This is not the time to hide, shrink, or give in to your doubts. It’s the time to go big — maybe even bigger — and know that you have an opportunity to accomplish something of value for yourself and others. 

What’s next?

All signs will be inspired to grow during this time. 

However, folks that have planets in Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces will be granted the energy they need to set powerful intentions that have the possibility to grow quickly within the next six months. Neptune (known for spirituality/fantasy) also went direct and asks that we tap into meditation and visualization to support the manifestation process. 

While a plan is advised, honing your vision and focusing on the “what” rather than the “how” is what carries more weight now. Remember that the Universe may have bigger plans for you than you’ve dreamed up for yourself! 

If you notice that you are being guided in another direction, if situations or people exit your life naturally, pay attention and allow your brightest, highest, and most amazing vision of your life to unfold!