New Moon in Aries: An Invitation To Show Up ‘A Mi Manera’

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Feeling like you’re ready to uplevel, expand or show up in bigger ways in life- and in business or career? You’re probably feeling the Spring fever feels supported by the powerful New Moon in Aries charging our way! This Sunday evening, April 11th, brings in the first New Moon of the astrological new year of 2021 and is a deep invitation to do things your way with courage and grace!

Each month, the sun and moon align in the skies and begin a new lunar cycle. During this time, when we look to the stars, the moon is not visible and is very much a dark and fertile phase with both known and unknown potential that inspires us to search within and begin again!

The New Moon is all about seeding new intentions, getting clear on our priorities, and moving towards our dreams and aspirations, understanding that these seeds will be manifesting in divine timing throughout the next eight months. 

Consciously seeding intentions allows us to clarify what is important to us and how to create the right mindsets, preparations, and energy to meet the opportunities that will open up during the year!  

Aries, symbolized by the ram, is the first sign of the zodiac and rules pioneers, innovators, entrepreneurs and is, in essence, warrior energy, ruled by the element of fire. Fire represents inspiration, passion, energy, movement and yes, sometimes too much of it breeds impatience. So, breathe and move forward with patience because fiery energy abounds- just be mindful not to trample folks! 

This astrological set-up prepares you to go after your dreams, even fight for them if need be. Now, this doesn’t mean we are going to be running around arguing. However, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury (influencing thoughts and mind), Venus (our values and what we love) — we need to be mindful of fighting for our positions or viewpoints when in essence, we don’t need others’ permission to be ourselves. 

This New Moon in Aries isn’t concerned with the opinion of others, hearsay, gossip, or even well-meaning advice. Make sure you’re not passionately pushing them to your ways of thinking either. 

This Fiery energy asks you to go deep and get clear to be your own leader and take back your power from “el que diran/what they will say” and what is expected from you from society and family. Sometimes the one we fight the most is our inner critic or the feeling of not being enough or too much — cast them aside now, tell them to chill because it’s your time. 

Being authentically yourself and believing in your dreams and your mission is at the heart of this powerful time — get on that ride and hold on!  You do best with this moon when you trust yourself and take calculated risks and explore new opportunities! So don’t hold back because you’ve got a star-studded cast of allies flowing extra energy and movement your way! 

This New Moon in Aries, more than any other new moon, is saying,” do you and go big, sis!” In fact, it’s best to choose our battles and harness the tremendous energy of beginnings, fire, and forward movement into the directions we choose.  

There are several planets in Aries right now, and Mars is in a highly advantageous position to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings. Aries is ruled by Mars (the planet of passion and the warrior), and Mars is trine to Jupiter at this time, so how do we make the most of this beneficial energy? 

Here are four tips:

The new moon in Aries, a moment to get quiet and get clear

Be like the New moon, pull away briefly and assess. Breathe. Get quiet. Have a journal handy. What is worth your energy? What needs to be released? From your mind, heart, and/or schedule? Not everything or everyone gets to travel through every phase of our lives. This goes for habits, thoughts, stuff (spring cleaning is a real thing at this time), and relationships. Thank what needs to go and give thanks for what you’ve experienced before moving to the new!

Setting intentions

Now that you’re clear on what your priorities are or where you’d like to grow more or start creating in your life. Create some inspirational words to live by! Words have power, and they shape our thoughts- and vice versa. If we’ve felt like we weren’t quite ready for something, we might write and say aloud: I am now ready to step up! I understand life and learning are a process, and I am ready for my next adventure. It is now safe for me to take risks because I trust myself. I allow myself to begin my business/career/fitness challenge, etc. I am enough. I am worthy, and it’s my time to shine! 

The new moon in Aries helps you make way for the new

Once you’ve focused your energy on what stays, clear your mind and get busy clearing. Get rid of old clothes, papers, release feeling guilty for hanging up the phone sooner because you’re about to create! Create time for working out on your calendar if that is a new project or block out time to write that book, or revamp your resume. Get a workout accountability buddy or a business start-up buddy. You don’t have to do this alone, and it can be fun to support each other and make our intentions a way of life. Scheduling chunks of time makes it more real and sets you up to show up for yourself.

Make it real

Do you want to level up in your career? Is there a mentor you can speak with? Research that needs to be done. Is there room for growth at your current company, or will this require a job search? 

So, you want to write a book? Join a class, talk to a friend who has published, join a book writing group. Want to start your business? Ready to talk to an accountant or business coach? Check into where you are on the journey, get working on the next steps, and get support to go even further this year. Get a sign that says, “Boss lady,” for your desk; whatever creates excitement makes it more real and allows you to keep feeling fiery about what you are creating!

Remember you’ve got this, and the stars have got you! The energy is there, and no matter the challenges, keep going — and patience. Our dreams and goals have their own timing, and the journey is the greatest adventure as we continue uncovering and living into our intentions.