New Moon in Scorpio: Death and Rebirth

New Moon in Scorpio BELatina Latinx
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The Calaveras (sugar skulls) and flickering candles for Dias de Los Muertos are still on the altars as this New Moon in Scorpio arrives on November 4th, carrying us deeper into the Scorpio season and profound soul-searching. 

As we honor the dead, our past, and dreams that may no longer align, our rebirth peeks through on the horizon. ¡Prepárate! Rebirth is exciting, and it’s best to remember that it entails change and releasing what no longer serves!

We’ve just sailed through many days that honor death, endings, and our Ancestors, and this moon in Scorpio is all that with a side of major transformation.

The ancestral tradition of transformation 

Dia de Los Muertos, Samhain, as well as the Western Christian All Hallow’s Eve ( All Saint’s Day), mark holidays where we create altars, attend mass, visit cemeteries, prepare foods (ofrendas) and talk about our beloved dead. 

Feelings of grief, sadness, or joy in the retelling of family stories are natural, and it’s important, whether you’ve celebrated or not, to understand that this energy is in the air so if you need downtime, take it!  

In ancient cultures worldwide, people had more of a daily connection to the life cycle, including birth, death, and rebirth. Tapping into the energy of Dia de Los Muertos offers a sacred space to grieve and remember so we can heal individually and collectively. It also allows us to remember and pass on our stories, culture and continue our relationships with those we have loved en vida. 

From hunting and gathering societies to our own modern-day families, these cycles continue as we see transcend those we love and new babies being born. 

Life cycles are not just literally about being born and dying; they also speak to our own internal passages where we can experience birth, death, and rebirth: self-love, romantic relationships, friendships, career, family connections, sexuality, creativity, and so much more! 

The astrological and seasonal energy supports releasing the older versions of ourselves to make way for the la nueva version! 

The power of our magic and regenerative power

Our last full moon in Aries invited us to tap into our jefa vibes, and this new moon starts a new lunar cycle that teaches us about our magic and regenerative power. It’s important to use this moon phase to process what we’ve learned in this most recent full moon and integrate and course-correct if needed while focusing on new goals.

This new moon energy happens about every 28 days in a particular sign and is always the perfect time to begin new habits, projects and get some solid spiritual practices in place. 

There is a tremendous opportunity for us to see into the unseen world and get the answers that we need to continue evolving! 

“It’s time to face our shadows and

 heal so we can rise.” 

This New Moon in Scorpio (alchemist/phoenix/transformation) is represented by the scorpion and is known for its regenerative powers, resilience, strategy, and sometimes a need for vengeance. 

As we evolve through our own healing journeys and acknowledge what we’ve survived and what our new boundaries will be;  as we grow from the symbolic scorpion to the iconic phoenix rising from the flames, we learn that we can survive even the death of our old lives, family members, and aspects of ourselves we thought would be a constant. 

“We are becoming the phoenix that rises from the flames and is born anew!” 

This alchemical new moon is one of the most powerful invitations of the year! It’s a masquerade ball that you’ve RSVP’d to even if you don’t remember, and your costume is the version you are in the process of becoming.

 As you allow yourself to expand into your deep potential, to speak the words that weave the spells of intentions — GO BIGGER! GO BRIGHTER is the message! 

The New Moon in Scorpio asks, “Who are you at your most real and powerful? Be THAT NOW. 

As you encounter your true desires and dreams during this passage, you’ll also be guided by your ancestors and those doing the healing work on the other side! This is a deeply mystical time rife with love, support, and generosity from the Universe and your beloveds. Dream out loud que los Angelitos are carrying your dreams into the world for their manifestation! 

While it’s a perfect time to go deep, heal, and manifest, there is some tension from a direct opposition by Uranus (change, innovation) and a soft square to Saturn (structure, responsibility, discipline), so it’s not a free ride. Saturn, as always, shows us where to strengthen our foundations, and Uranus invites us to innovate! The fixed signs (Taurus/Leo/Aquarius/Scorpio) will be the ones to feel this energy the most as they often do not like change!  

Be patient and grounded in the knowledge that you are on your own unique Hero/heroine’s journey! There will be tests, allies, gifts, shadows, and fears and ultimately a life worth living! There is no one else like you, and this moon lets you know that you have everything you need to rise! 

Time for our deep dive!

Please find a time where you will not be interrupted and get ready to explore some Scorpio themes! For this moon, it’s best if lights are low and you have one or a few candles going!

  • Breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Call your well Ancestors and your guides and beings of light (seres de luz.) Give thanks to those who have gone before you. You can name some of your dear ones that have passed on.
  • Asking your deepest knowing,” What am I most afraid of?” Allow yourself to write out what comes up without judgment.
  • Is this a fear or shadow related to family patterns? For example: “If I become successful, people will ask me for money and help or be jealous and try to harm me.” I know it sounds extreme, but many of us have been told that being abundant, known for our work, or successful can bring bigger problems. 
  • Another breath, “ what is on the other side of that fear/shadow or pattern?” 
  • Asking your deepest knowing, “ How can I begin to transform this fear/shadow or pattern?”
  • Allow yourself to imagine your best life — all of it. Whatever it is and ask, “What is my biggest desire? What if I had everything I needed to make those dreams come true? And what do I need to know about my next evolution?”
  • Closing the session by imagining your greatest success, expansion, joy, and desires fulfilled! Breathe that energy into every pore and know it’s already in process! Give thanks to your family on and off the planet. 

I suggest that you spend some time the next two weeks meditating on the words, feelings, and images of what you are calling in. Your inner knowing will guide you to the right connections, opportunities, books, platforms, and classes that are the next steps for you!

And if you’re tired of shedding this skin, flying the nest, and cracking through these shells, know that this is an ever-evolving process. We are forever becoming, and while it can be overwhelming at times, it’s rich with promise, potential, and magic! Go bruijita!