New Moon in Taurus: Creciendo From the Ground Up!

New Moon in Taurus BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Belatina.

This New Moon in Taurus arriving on May 11th at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST invites us to keep nurturing the seeds we’ve planted and commit to our self-care as well as our long-term plans that will bring us stronger foundations! 

We’ve claimed our right to do it our way last month’s New Moon in Aries, dived in deeply to shift and transform — the last Full Moon in Scorpio. Y ahora? A crecer y vivir plenamente! 

With patience, commitment and dedication, we can gain a sense of security and continue building on personal goals while making time for pleasure too! 

Every month we have a New Moon that carries the energy of lo nuevo: births of all sorts, beginnings, new ideas, and course-correcting in innovative ways! This happens when the Moon (signifying emotions) is between the earth and the Sun (represents our identity) in the sky- and it happens every month! The New Moon phase repeats about every 29 days. 

To our naked eye, the sky is dark and energetically and practically speaking, fertile soil where we may sift, clear out, and set forth with new energy! Every month we have an opportunity to release, renew and seed new ideas and change course if that is what serves us! So get those garden guantes; we are doing some weeding — and planting! 

Why all this talk of soil, weeding, and seeding? 

The sign of Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus (planet of love, values, embodiment), and is essentially a symbol for Madre Tierra and how we self-care, create security, pleasure, and abundance in our lives.

Remember that mother earth is abundant, and Taurus echoes this message to us as earth inhabitants — we are more abundant than we imagine! Abundance is not simply an economic state; it’s a state of creativity, potential, possibilities, and creation. 

Whatever our economic state is today, it does not reflect our worth or our future. The more we see our intrinsic worthiness and value ourselves beyond limiting societal standards, the more abundant and rich with possibilities we become! 

The pandemic has created habits that have us on zoom and in front of laptops/cameras and computers all day. While it has its tremendous benefits, there are setbacks in terms of mind, body, and spirit wellness. Disconnecting from our whole selves, including our bodies, can happen, and we can become walking heads: thinking and overanalyzing over time! 

This new moon reminds us that we are more than our minds, giving us an opportunity to get our naked feet on the grass, breathe in fresh air into our lungs, and gently come back into alignment with our body, our safety needs, and yes — our pleasure!

Taking a deep breath wherever you are, ask yourself: 

  •     How do I feel in my body right now? Another breath, what is my body asking for? Is it more greens, more dancing, laughter, more sleep? 
  •     Have I been overworking and not making time for downtime and rest? While you may be building towards the future by showing up at work, your body needs to be replenished as well — so get some time to enjoy what you’re building!
  •     What makes me feel grounded and connected to myself the most? Have I given myself time to enjoy rest, play, and pleasure? Am I gulping down my food, or am I savoring it? 
  •     What is my relationship with abundance? Are you rushing about due to fear of lack? How can you allow yourself to feel more supported by life and your community?

Allow yourself to write down the answers you receive and then begin to formulate some intentions for releasing that is weeding out what isn’t working anymore.

Work: I release the need to overwork, trusting that I am enough and that there’s enough time for everything. 

Love: I release the need to chase, pine, or sufrir for love and instead make my health and joy my top priority, trusting that as I value myself, I attract an aligned love or deepen the relationship I already have. 

Spirit: I make time to walk in nature, listen to music I love, and listen to my inner guidance. I allow myself to trust that when my cup is filled, it flows into every area of my life!

Family: I allow myself to receive and not always do for everyone else. It is safe to take time for myself. It is safe to show up for my needs knowing that I will have more to tap into when I do!

Purpose: I trust that I am being guided every day and allow myself the patience I need to continue building on my goals and mission. Paso a paso. It’s all happening, and it’s unfolding in the highest alignment for me! 

This new moon has some support from planet Neptune (the dreamer) and Pluto (the transformer), while there is some stress from Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (the taskmaster.) Jupiter the benefic spent about 17 months in signs that limited its blessings in some ways and now enters its home planet, Pisces. It will be there from May 13th-July 28th and paying attention to our self-care, and our long-term goals can now give us increasing returns and beautiful expansions during the year. 

Here are some more insights for the four elements and their signs: 

Fire signs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) 

Last month the fire came in, and you may feel on the edge of a little burnout because the Full Moon brought much awareness to your attention. Take a rest because Gemini season is about to come in and get you communicating, networking, and possibly changing jobs or adding more to your career or business in some way. New Moon in Taurus says rest, look at priorities, and shift where needed, placing your well-being at the top! You’re glowing skin and spirit will thank you!

Earth (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn)

Trust this New Moon. If you step back from your goals and all that’s on your mind right now- you will return with new strategies! For the earth signs, play is needed like never before! Running the scenarios in your mind isn’t helping you. Not thinking will do wonders for you. Get those shoes off, run in the grass, stare in awe at life that is blooming around you, and know that you are on the brink of solutions that may possibly shift your life in huge ways. Taurus, this moon will affect you the most out of all the earth signs in a positive way if you make time to check-in and give yourself what you need. 

Air (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius)

You’ve had some blessings come your way, and it’s time to look at the big picture. The supporting planets encourage you to dream bigger and visualize the grander vision of all the moves you are making right now. This New Moon in Taurus wants you to embrace a more abundant mindset. Look into some ways that your family has experienced trauma around money and success so you can begin to break those limiting patterns. You are really here to break those patterns and allow yourself to breathe. You don’t have to be on alert at all times. The Universe is supporting your pattern-breaking path Air signs! 

Water (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) 

This earthy new moon might make you feel A LOT, meaning feeling the feels from the past, present, and even the unknown future. Keep breathing. Keep allowing the old to move through you. It is safe for you to feel now. This energy is cradling you with unseen support and healing. It’s a type of detox, and once it clears, deep intuitive insights on how to get things done will come with ease and grace. Take this time to be in nature and let yourself feel your sensual side return with greater restorative power. When the tears and feelings pass your mind and body, you may be called towards a makeover, bodywork, or massage. Scorpio, this New Moon in Taurus is affecting you more intensely than the other water signs, so allow yourself to work your magic and flow with the feels!