New Moon in Leo: Shining Brightly Through the Lion’s Gate Portal

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Leo season came in just in time to transform all the feelings of Cancer season into shine! The Leo season runs approximately from July 22 through August 22 and during this New Moon in Leo, taking place at 9:49 a.m. EST on August 8, promises to inspire confidence, self-image, and creative ways to dream en grande!   

So, get ready for greater clarity, deeper intuition, and an urge to stand in our power; we will move through the Lion’s Gate with ease and grace. 

Leo, the ruler of the 5th house, is composed of self-expression, creativity, and romance. Through this new moon, any Leo who desires to tap into their profound creativity will have an inspiring idea or project come up that can shake everything up —  in the best possible way! 

What the New Moon in Leo Means 

What makes this new moon highly unique is that it occurs alongside the Lion’s gate portal, which happens every year on August 8. This is when the sun is in Leo and the star Sirius (known as the spiritual sun) moves closer to Earth and aligns with Orion’s Belt nurturing extra support for us to shift our realities from the inside out.  

Every month, the New Moon clears away (if we are willing to release) the old energy and makes way for us to re-evaluate, allowing us to set new intentions, habits, and perspectives.  

Please note that the night sky is dark during this time giving you a chance to plant long-term seedlings into action!   

The new moon in Leo sets off new beginnings in the lunar cycle that we can review on August 22 when we’ll get the second Aquarius full moon (individualism double-time!) as well as near February 16, 2022, when we experience the Full moon in Leo.  

What to do during the New Moon in Leo. 

These intentions get six months to take root and blossom in our lives giving us the opportunity to observe the payoff for all the work we are doing in the areas of self-empowerment, creativity, self-love, and romance. 

This Leo New Moon, in conjunction with the Lion’s gate portal, is a time of shine where we can magnetize opportunities and abundance due to our own deeply rooted knowledge that we, ultimately, deserve all of the good we are calling in. 

The clearing and seeding of the “new” happening in the realm of Leo are symbolized by the lion, embodying a fire sign that rules the heart and attracts the spotlight with ease — this emanates youthfulness, charisma, and joy!  

It isn’t all play, though! 

Leo energy isn’t all fun and play, though, as it can drag its feet when it comes to real change.  

Leo is a fixed fire sign and can be just as stubborn as the other fixed signs of the zodiac such as Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. In general, they move towards change when their inner Queen or Rey decides it’s time, but it’s recommended that they move quicker on this New Moon as to not block their own blessings. 

Working and healing with Leo energy is often linked to healing and creating with the wise inner child while tapping into our own adult inner King and Queen. Some focus on the inner child only and others on their inner royalty, but what does it mean to be sovereign?  

How do we tap into our own inner King and Queen?  

Tapping into your inner child can be strenuous work 

If we take a moment to sit and observe, we’ll notice that the process may be rooted in freeing the inner child to heal and trust itself. Thus, allowing us to grow giving us the ability to know, love, and accept ourselves rather than handing our self-concept or choices to some external form of power.  

The external forms of power can be our partner, friends, fear of “el que diran”, our family, boss, and our community as well as the obvious choices of religion and government. Shining our light and being ourselves may require us to return to our childhood and love our inner child. This will release feelings of being free causing us to be creative and self-guided, joy-filled people in the present.  

Let’s work this New Moon together! 

Now, let’s gather our journal, get comfy, and set up any crystals or symbolic items we have chosen to include in this journey. It’s time to explore! 

It’s important to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask your deep intuition and well ancestors to support you on this healing journey.  

Now, first thing’s first — call on your memory of your most free inner child. Let’s examine how that can look below.  

  • When did I feel my most free in childhood? Was I with family, in nature, or in my imagination? Allow yourself to fully feel that energy of playing, running, reading, creating, or just being. 
  • Some may not have such a memory, but please stay with us on this healing journey, though — there is still much for you here. Ask yourself: “If you could be the freest, most happy child, what would you like to experience?”  
  • Breathe in the freedom of riding that bike, being a superhero, or peacefully singing in your bed. Whatever brings you peace and joy; allow that to flow in your body. Ask yourself: “When have I felt the most creative in my life?” 
  • Now, ask yourself: “Do I still allow myself these moments of freedom and play?” If the answer is no, breathe in the energy of forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others. Parents, school systems, and others trying to do their best can sometimes impact our creativity and self-confidence. So, allow yourself to exhale any criticism or limiting beliefs around creativity and play. 
  • Breathe deeply now, while imagining your inner child and ask: “What do you need to feel safe, free, and playful?” Pay attention to the answer.  
  • Continue breathing and write the answers as you ask yourself: “What do I need that I can give myself to feel free, playful, and joyful NOW as an adult?” Allow the answers to come; they may be similar just like they may be different. 
  • Allow yourself to imagine that happy, creative inner child within you now showing up in your adult mind, body, and spirit. Breathe in the energy of releasing the old and reclaiming your own play and joy.  
  • Imagine your biggest dreams now and as you visualize, feel and sense (not everyone can visualize) — sense the feelings in your body and heart of freedom and play. How does it feel to be free and creative at work? In romance? To start painting, acting, singing, or dancing again without pressure — just for the sake of playful expression?  
  • At this point, review what your inner child and adult needs. How can you bring more of what you truly desire to create opportunities for joy and freedom NOW? Is it more time in nature, more time with friends, or creating art without pressure?  

Allow yourself to really feel what is needed and commit yourself to create more of this for yourself as we enter Lion’s gate portal. Remember, you are the only one who can truly give yourself time and space!  

Know your value 

Always keep in mind that you are worthy and you’ve always been worthy.  

You are made of luminous creative energy traveling the cosmos, landing on earth on this wild exploration we call being human. Allow yourself to be human on your terms, your own way, and to play — even at work (that’s how the magic happens!)  

As you finish this article, you need to let yourselves know that it is now safe for you to shine. 

Repeat this: My creative power and trust in myself attract abundance and opportunities that inspire and fill me with joy!