New Moon in Libra: Spotlight on Relationships

New Moon in Libra BELatina Latinx
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Love and relationships are on the hearts and minds of all, with New Moon in Libra flowing in on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 (at 4:04 am PST/7:05 am EST.) It’s the only new moon in this sign for 2021, an air sign ruled by the planet Venus (amor), and it evokes a time of balancing and attracting all manner of aligned relationships! 

With major planetary players in retrograde, Mercury (communication and technology), Uranus (rebel visionary), Neptune (spirituality and escapism), Saturn (discipline and structure), and Pluto (collective transformation), we are lucky to have such a diplomatic and peace-making sign inspiring our New Moon! 

When planets are retrograde, they appear to be moving backward in their orbits from our perspective on Earth. Retrogrades inspire reflection, reviewing, and re-evaluating different aspects of our lives, as well as a phase of recycling relationships, situations, and lessons coming back for one more round! The trick here is to be aware that it’s a recycle and integrate the lessons to end that cycle and begin a new phase! 

Since the New Moon is in Libra, which is ruled by air and can often have us in our heads rather than in our hearts, and Mercury the messenger planet is in Libra and retrograde, all signs must be mindful of thinking over feeling and claiming that we are fine when there is so much emotion brewing beneath the surface of our cool and calm exteriors.

Embrace your shadow, and attract!

The new moon is a time where the sky is dark and where we, as aware humans, can take a moment to consciously release what isn’t serving and set intentions for all that is new! 

In Libra, a sign that is all about justice, fairness, balance (let’s love our shadow!), relationships, and the arts- we are guided to review old lessons (all the planets in retrograde) and open our hearts to the new. The power of this harmonizing star line-up is in being extremely clear on what we want to attract to ourselves, especially in relationships! 

Remember that any relationship that requires you to give up parts of yourself isn’t truly viable for your well-being! The energy of the Libran balancing act is about giving and receiving, where we aren’t giving too much all the time or being flooded with taking. There is an organic give and receive in nature, and we are being asked to find that within ourselves during this inspiring new moon! 

Gaining Clarity

Let’s do a short deep dive to explore some of the patterns and recycled stories that may be haunting you during these retrogrades!

  • Find the time where you will be alone to connect with your inner knowing freely. Get a pink, mauve, or white candle. Set the intention to get clear on your beliefs around relationships.
  • Close your eyes, breathe deeply and call in your intuition, your guides, and Angels. Ask yourself,” What do I most need to know about relationships right now?”
  • We all receive intuitive information differently, some through a feeling sensation, inner vision, inner voice, or a knowing. Allow yourself to receive answers as they arise, trusting that more will be revealed as time goes on.
  • Ask: ·What are some beliefs or patterns I’ve experienced in my love life and/or in my relationships?” Examples: They want me; I run away, it never works out, or I deserve and have great relationships. Allow yourself to be extremely honest. We often inherit beliefs or relationship patterns from family members, or subconsciously when we notice four generations of single moms on one side of the family, etc. We do have the power to transform and create new healthy patterns, and it begins with awareness!
  • Notice your patterns, if any. As you access your patterns in love and relationships, take notes on what you’re feeling and thinking. Do you need to forgive yourself for releasing this pattern? Do you need to forgive someone else?
  • Imagine the folks you need to forgive and go ahead and forgive them. Imagine that you feel lighter already as you have chosen to let go of the past and create a new way for yourself.
  • Write out possible new scenarios. Focus on what you want to attract, not on what you don’t want. Ever notice that what we resist keeps coming back to you? We are definitely magnets for what we don’t want as much as what we do in love! Begin to allow yourself to visualize your type of healthy love in romance, friendships, and working relationships.
  • Repeat,” I release and let go of past patterns in love that didn’t serve me. I know I am lovable, loving, and loved. I allow myself to have hope and remain open while I stay grounded in my self-love. The more I love and accept myself, the clearer I am on red flags in relationships, and the quicker I end what doesn’t work. The more I love myself, the more I attract what aligns with my values, goals, and way of being. I allow myself to open my heart. I am ready!”

What did you find out when you did the deep dive into your own patterns? Was it something you’ve always known? Most of us already know what is playing out within us. Sometimes we need a little loving push to look at it from an objective point of view to believe that we can have something different manifest in our lives. 

Exploring the New Moon through the Signs

Aries: Being yourself is your secret power, Aries! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, be clear on what you value in a partner (romantic, business, or even friendship) as the energy aligns for you to receive what you truly want!  

Taurus: These six retrogrades offer you, dear bull, an old opportunity made new again! Have patience and all yourself to share how much you’ve grown since and see if this returned opportunity can support you in work and career growth!  

Gemini: Mercury in Libra retrograde has you swimming with ideas and possibilities. Allow yourself to be present, now y ahora! Your intuition is guiding you away from too many thoughts and into a magical focus that can be tapped into to create or plant seeds for a beautiful beginning!

Cancer: This New Moon in Libra asks you to give yourself what you often expect from others. Fill your heart and home with beauty and do it with love, not self-pity or the belief that “if I don’t do it, no one will.” In anchoring your self-love en casa, you’re opening the door to process old hurts/stories and allow more of what you are wanting in, poco a poco.  

Leo: If there’s anything a true Leo likes is the opportunity to create! This New moon invites you to reinvent yourself. You have a great eye for supporting others in style and often leave yourself behind in your effortless giving. Mercury retrograde asks you to review with an open heart and allow yourself to shine in full-on style from the inside out! 

Virgo: The new moon is asking you to leave the hard work behind, if only for a bit, and allow yourself to dream of what you truly want with ease. Allowing your nervous system to chill will release the magnificent powers of manifestation and bring what you are focusing on. Yes, Virgo, you’ve done much hard work. Please allow things to be magnetized to you with ease and calma.  

Libra: Ohhh, yes!!! Step on the stage Libra in all your glory! The New Moon, the sun, and Mercury are all shining their light on you! It’s time to truly release old stories around being seen and heard and claim what is yours — finding peace in visibility, speaking your truth, and allowing your brand to shine now during your birthday month. Opportunities for beautiful connections and partnerships will be showing up. Just remember that you are the top focus now, and all else is in addition to what you’ve got going on! 

Scorpio: Strong and silent as you may be, this New Moon asks you to trust others and share your feelings. You’ve got some huge healing coming your way, and you hold power to allow it to flow or to stifle it. Trust your words and speak what is in your heart. No matter what happens, you will be better at it! 

Sagittarius: Known as an energetic truth speaker, there are times you’ve said too much to someone who truly wasn’t ready to receive the message as you intended it. Be mindful of how your communication comes across because you need to be more thoughtful and tactful during this New Moon than ever. Your words have an impact on a future promotion or a relationship going deeper!

Capricorn: While you can take on projects in leaps and bounds, this New Moon wants you to slow down and pay attention to details. As the months go by, you will be glad you took your time, and you gain respect for your patient progress!

Aquarius: The Universe has been letting you know truths you may not want to accept. You can often see others clearly but somehow are clouded when it comes to the parts you play in scenarios in your life. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to see how you are moving the pieces as well. It’s the only way to really attract the relationships you so quietly dream of.

Pisces: The symbol of your sign shows two fishes swimming in opposite directions. It’s important now to get your mermaid tail onto one lane. If you truly say you want what you want, you must embrace change for your own personal growth, leading to the new beginnings you’ve prayed for!

Tap into the harmonizing forces of the New Moon in Libra and allow your stories to transform and your relationships to thrive, especially the one with yourself! Isn’t that where all true relationships begin?