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New Moon in Pisces Card Pull: It’s Time to Pour Love Into Our Dreams

New Moon in Pisces Card Pull: It’s Time to Pour Love Into Our Dreams belatina
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The New Moon in Pisces arrives with the Sun in Pisces at 2:06 am ET on Monday, February 20, 2023 – and this lunation is all about what dreams are made of.  

As we leave the logical Aquarius season behind, we open our energy to everything that’s whimsical, intuitive, and creative 

Pisces is a water sign, the two fish swimming in opposite directions, which can be seen as a timeless reminder of spiritual knowing, growth, blessings, and good vibes. So, now what? 

The planets are all still in direct motion and the guiding questions for this New Moon are: What change am I resisting in my life? What is in flow for me right now? 

New Moons are a time of clearing and releasing. They also make way for all that is new through energetic intentions. This means new habits, new beginnings, and new paths.  

Unpacking the Pisces Card Pull for this New Moon

While holding the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, I shuffled while asking the question, “What is the wisdom of this New Moon?”

The Ace of Cups + the Wheel of Fortune  

This combination is one card from the Major Arcana and one from the Minor Arcana. The Wheel of Fortune speaks to the bigger picture issues in our lives. As for the Ace of Cups, it speaks more to the day-to-day issues. 


Ace of Cups: Self-love, new relationships, and creativity are part of your everyday life now. When we love ourselves, this love runs over into our other relationships and creativity.  

Wheel of Fortune: Cycles, destiny, change, and good fortune. What goes up must come down. There we go – round and round. 

Astro + Tarot Vibes:

This New Moon – filled with mystical vibes – encourages us to love ourselves and pour that love into our dreams.  

The process of loving and prioritizing our time, dreams, and goals is part of a transition. It brings us opportunities to shift, change, and expand our joy, fulfillment, and creativity in our lives and work. Since this is a water sign, a shower or bath with salts or flowers is recommended. Through this shower or bath, focus on gratitude and release what used to work for us, but no longer does. Do this with grace rather than bitterness. Then, it is important to allow ourselves time to dream what we are seeding now.  

This will be a powerful magical practice for this New Moon!   

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