New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Aligning With Our Destino

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini BELatina Latinx
Photo: BELatina

Being in the midst of Gemini season, with its curious and social nature, more conversations, social opportunities and distractions have opened up. Add to this the warm weather and the celebrations it inspires — think Pride Month — and we seem to be coming out of our pandemic caves like never before.

However, amid so much conversation, distractions, and gatherings, this season also brings with it change driven by eclipses and a Mercury retrograde that, by all accounts, has shaken up our technology, our feelings, and our relationships in general.

These shocks are not in vain. The stars are clearing the way for us to get the clarity we need to review and redefine patterns to take a big leap in the next six months — with the help of the solar eclipse, of course!

Whether you’re ready or not, what you’ve been longing for will become palpable and more within reach.

Take a deep breath, and read on to make the most of this energy.

What do New Moons and Solar Eclipses Mean? 

This new moon arrives on Thursday, June 10, 2021, at 6:53 a.m. ET/3:53 am PT in Gemini, a mutable Air sign, ruled by Mercury (think Greek winged God Hermes) and influences our mental processes, as well as technology and communications. It’s the moment to use our voice, mindsets, perspectives and speak/think our reality into manifestation. 

The new moon occurs when the moon is not illuminated by the sun from our view here on Earth, meaning that the moon becomes invisible to the eye. The dark sky is a fertile space for us to envision, seed, and set our goals, hopes, and dreams into motion! 

New moons can be leveraged as reset points for certain storylines or phases in your life’s journey. Monthly, we get an opportunity to clear the space and set new intentions, and even course-correct on long-term projects or relationships. 

During a solar eclipse, the Sun conjuncts (pairs up with) the moon and supports your identity, inner light, and purpose (ruled by the sun) to become more aligned with your intuition and feelings (inspired by the moon). 

When who we are is in harmony with our intuition and feelings, a powerful portal is created for aligned action that compels us to make decisions that change our path and allow us to flow with greater ease into a new adventure that feels so on point, that we can call it destiny! 

Every eclipse is part of a group that happens in opposite signs, for example, the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th and this current solar eclipse in Gemini actually began June 5, 2020, with a lunar eclipse in Gemini, November 30, 2020, and a solar eclipse on December 14, 2020. This series of breakthroughs and wake-up calls are called eclipses and compels us towards change.

These signs, one air, Gemini, and one fire, Sagittarius, are lessons in shifting perspectives, speaking our truth and reviewing and clarifying belief systems, and releasing old stories so we can create new ones that support us into the next phase of our becoming. 

To make the most of this series of eclipses, let’s take a moment to reflect and write out some clarifying thoughts. Breathe in and out, then remember where you were in November of 2020. 

Questions to cultivate our curiosity and healing   

How was I feeling during that time? Did I gain some clarity on my life, career, health, or relationship around that time? 

  • Did I shift or change something or wished I had?
  • Where am I now on that career path, with my hopes and dreams?
  • Is there a recurring pattern or theme that I keep repeating as a positive habit supporting me or one that I am blaming for my confusion or feeling stuck?
  • If I was advising my closest friend, what is the idea, way of thinking, or action they need to hear and receive right now to gain clarity over these recurring patterns?

Breathe in extra deep because we are all so good at holding space for others with objectivity and often lose our sight when it comes to ourselves. 

What does your inner knowing say about these themes, and how can you support healing or course-correcting at this time?

Allow yourself some time to integrate thoughts, feelings, and inner guidance that arises. We often cling onto old ways of being just because they are the diablo we know! Then proceed with the following: 

  • Understanding where I have been since November 2020. What can I celebrate and rejoice in? What is ready to be let go?

Most of us judge ourselves harshly and may be upset we didn’t write the Latinx literary masterpiece of a lifetime when in truth — we survived. We survived the pandemic, the oppression, the politics, and the unknown of where we stood economically, politically, socially, emotionally, and so on. Anything on top of that, what we call thriving, is a gift. 

Breathe that in, releasing that inner critic as you exhale. 

We are still HERE. Everything is possible

Before we reach our final step of this exploration, the new moon, the solar eclipse, and the retrograde are especially influenced by the North node during this season. Take a guess where this north node is? Gemini! The nodes speak on where we have been and where we are headed in our evolution: past life gifts are the south node and the north node, our fullest becoming, and our destiny. 

All this reviewing and recreating with the retrograde, the eclipse-inspired slaps of truth, surprises, sudden realizations, and all the feels lead to our new Moon intentions that are here to serve our long-term, holistic growth, and evolving path! And how do we bridge that change: communication! Both the way we speak to ourselves and how we show up in the world. 

Now we may have stayed quiet to survive in different ways in the past, we may have learned to be “good” by being people-pleasers, but this eclipse/retrograde/moon and node are like: NO MAS! We are now being asked to create the world we desire, both our personal world and the collective world, by using the power of our voice! It makes sense, right? Why would Mercury and Gemini be having such a field day with the stars? Porque it’s time to speak up and speak out! 

Let’s get in there!

  • How can I release the story that my voice doesn’t matter?
  • What’s standing in the way of me speaking up and sharing my voice? How can I begin to heal this?
  • What new changes am I ready to make in my work and life, and how can I ask for support to step it up in a huge way?
  • What do I honestly, deeply care about for myself and the world, and how can I begin to share with others?

As we sift through the chaos and changes around and within us, stay curious and remember that our words have power. The stars are working in our favor; may we choose to remain curious and flexible as we release expectations or versions of ourselves and our lives and begin to allow the most aligned reality to take form!