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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Integrating Our Shadow Self

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Integrating Our Shadow Self belatina latine

“What is not brought to consciousness, comes to us as fate.” — Carl Jung

The New Moon in Scorpio – arriving on October 25 at 6:49 a.m. ET – brings with it the unveiling of mysteries, opportunities for deep healing, and an invitation to go with the flow. 

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, symbolized by the scorpion and ruler of sex, power, mysteries, shared resources, and the life cycle: birth, death, and rebirth. With this, hidden truths, allies, and desires will come to the surface – and it’s best to hold off on New Moon rituals as we tend to what arises. 

The moon symbolizes our emotional processes while highlighting our personal and collective emotional landscape as it moves through its phases. 

Every month, we are gifted with a lunar reset called a New Moon. This happens when the moon (feelings) conjuncts ( aligns with) the sun (identity), which is why we cannot see the moon from the Earth at that time. New Moons begin a lunar cycle and also invite us to embrace change, seed intentions, and move toward new beginnings. However, October’s New Moon is a solar eclipse, so it’s less about setting new intentions and more about staying grounded as hidden secrets and emotional turbulence arise.

Eclipses have a powerful way of showing us our shadows. In other words, it shows us places where we have not wanted to look. This may translate into a sudden change at work or in your relationship. 

Solar eclipse means that from the Earth, the sun is sometimes shrouded by the moon at a degree in the sky – this is known as a “node.” This solar eclipse focuses on the actions we take; it is our shadow in action that will make its way to our conscious understanding. 

The lunar eclipse coming up on November 8th will bring to light more hidden aspects. It’s very important to choose to listen, and move forward with fairness and tranquility during that time.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse will also be conjunct with the South Node in Scorpio. The South Node deals with karma, the past, ancestors, past life lessons, and gifts. The South Node is where you’ve been and the North Node is where you’re heading. But be mindful. The current New moon – located in the deep diver Scorpio supported by the South Node – may have you contemplating the past, connecting to ancestral patterns, healing, and feeling a bit nostalgic.

The Sun, Venus, and the Moon are teaming up to inspire mutual support, combining resources, and making space for intuitive guidance. These energies can harmonize and support any shadow work you do consciously or the work the Universe catalyzes at this time.

What is Shadow Work?

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst created the term “shadow self” to describe what our conscious ego rejects. Our family, society, and/or our culture have taught us what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t –  we have been shaped by those expectations. 

What is not deemed acceptable is pushed into the subconscious. It is hidden away and repressed because we try to pretend it is nonexistent. This “shadow self” influences our thoughts, behavior, and actions. Interestingly enough, it clings to unhealed wounds and traumas and passes them off as logical thoughts. 

Spirituality often focuses on love and light and being our “highest self.” Nonetheless, the way to being our – most –  whole self is to love the messy, scary, or unacceptable parts of ourselves. 

For example, first-generation Latines are resilient and tend to make things happen – even if it’s on their own. A shadow self may be our fear of appearing weak or being vulnerable if we ask for support. Yet, once we embrace that we can both be independent and ask for help, it’s a completely new way of life! 

Most of our shadow selves affect us with guilt and shame. Imagine how much energy we’d free up if we began the journey to love and accept ourselves as we are.

What part of myself have I hidden from myself to be what others expected of me? 

Get a candle out, take a deep breath, and begin to contemplate your shadow with compassion. It’s time to begin the path of self-acceptance. Journaling, meditation, and sound healing may be powerful practices at this time.

Sign-by-sign vibes for the New Moon Solar Eclipse 

Read your sun, moon, and rising sign to receive a more holistic overview.


Release the subconscious hero/heroine patterns. There are some habits that have helped you get where you are. But how do we say this gently? They are not serving you anymore. This eclipse will bring some startling clarity, whether it’s taking care of everyone’s feelings or overworking days into nights. ¡Abre los ojos y cambia rápido!


Stop trying to see roses when it’s thorns. Expect sudden clarity on what you’ve been trying to ignore. Lately, you’ve felt like some relationships lack reciprocity, but you’ve put up with it to keep the peace. Well, this type of peace isn’t worth it. You’ve been feeling the negative repercussions and it’s time to claim la paz real! Have deep conversations, let go of some folks, and deepen relationships by truth-sharing! 


It’s okay not to be the talkative, networker that never misses a party or conversation. Accept it. Put your feet up on the couch and tuck the FOMO in your back pocket. Your social butterfly self needs to gather its strength and face what it’s like to be quiet. Be on your own, and dive deep without entertaining or informing a single soul besides yourself. Right now: ¡Apaga el teléfono porque  eres tu mejor compañía!


Your desire to go with the flow may have overlooked some important opportunities. Embrace your scheduler, take back your time, and add a bit of organization around your goals now. Take time to assess what is important to you now and in the next six months. This way you can reconnect with your long-term goals and sueños! ¡Es hora de afinar tu visión de vida!


The past is done, the present is here, and the future is not promised – but you sure can prepare for it! Leo, you may have had a rough time as a young creative soul, however, now you’re a fabulous adult. Taking accountability without judgment is key. You focused on your family and home enough now and it’s time to explore the outside world como la leona que eres! Grrrrrr! 


You love and need security and often struggle to hold on to things just as they are. The unknown brings fear and it’s time for self-compassion and self-forgiveness over clinging to the safe and known parts of your life. Lean into your curious self and instead of fear, breathe into the power of awe and la curiosidad. Ask yourself: ¿Que hermosa oportunidad llegará a mi vida hoy? 


Your birthday month brought you clarity and some joyful moments. Now, Scorpio season says it’s time to settle into some financial stability. You’ve been working on it and that doesn’t mean that you give up fun – but financial matters are calling. It’s important to pay attention. The focus on this sector of your life will help you seguir con mucho exíto y abundancia! 


You hate to fail more than most signs and your shadow self needs opportunities to explore without criticism. Release perfectionism over exploration and breathe easy as you celebrate your birthday. Let your cabello down and try out new things solo porque se te da la gana! It’s time to trust the divine timing of your beautiful vida, Scorpio! 


You travel to foreign lands and the wildest parts of the cosmo in your gorgeous mind, Sag. This Moon asks that you embrace this moment, right here. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, and get out of your head. Your dreams are wonderful and your shadow says: Let’s take some acciónes importantes para hacer los sueños realidad! 


Just because you’re in a relationship or beginning to date someone, doesn’t mean you don’t get to embrace more flirtation with life in general. It’s time to lighten the load of expectations. Your shadow self never wants to seem flimsy or unprepared, but it’s time to play! As long as there is respect and no intent to harm, you cannot get playing wrong! ¡Deja la seriedad por un momento y juega más! ¡Tu ser lo necesita más de lo que piensas! 


Your tender shadow needs time off. You may not want it or accept it, but there it is. Take time off from overworking or overfocusing at work to pay attention to your hobbies, family, and self-care. The ever-elusive work-life balance beckons you and asks,” Where do I most feel I need to be right now?” Not where I “think” –  it’s where I “feel.” Tap into those emociones poderosas porque necesitan más comprensión, abrazos y cariño.


Your shadow is very comfortable in the beautiful bubble you’ve created with your loved ones. The time to make new friends and step into new situations is here. The world is better than we hear on the news or the negative experiences you’ve been through. Get your most rosy of glasses ready y prepárate para encontrar magia con nuevos grupos de amistades!

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