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New Moon in Virgo: Organizing and Refining Routines

New Moon in Virgo: Organizing and Refining Routines belatina latine
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The New Moon in “get-it-done” Virgo arrives on August 27, at 4:17 am EST moving us forward in our self-care, wellness, and overall organization. 

It’s a time to micro-focus on the little things that create success – or improvement – in the future rather than going big or expansive at this time. This moon reminds us that every overnight success was, in fact, created day-by-day over a period of time! 

Every month, we have an opportunity to seed new beginnings – both collectively and personally. This happens when the moon moves in conjunction with the sun, so it is invisible to our earthly eyes. The energy of going dark while still remaining whole invites us to take a moment to view our lives and see what needs to be released, transformed, and updated. 

The New Moon is the fresh, dark earth; our intentions, desires, mindset shifts, and actionable steps are the seeds! 

Virgo rules the sixth house of health, routine, and everyday environment. This New Moon brings the much-needed inspiration to revamp mental, spiritual, and physical routines as well as rituals around wellness.

Each New Moon brings opportunities to explore new opportunities and manifest. However, this one asks:

“What needs to be released, 

cleansed, or cleared so the 

seeds can take root?  

And then, “do it now!”

The astrology of the moment is creating huge changes behind the scenes that might create some fireworks in the public sector as well as some surprises in our own lives.

Uranus (rebel/change) is in Taurus (earth/finances/body) and has highlighted the collective to pay attention to the environment, finances, and our own health especially highlighted during these COVID-19 and Monkeypox outbreaks. 

The Great Awakener, Uranus is now in Retrograde

Uranus, known as the great awakener, went retrograde on August 24th and will remain in a backward spin until January 22, 2023. This means we are all going to have to “wake up” in some way. Transformation is here – whether we like it or not – and in a fixed sign like Taurus that likes its stability, it’s earth-shaking in some way. 

Epiphanies come in many different forms, so be mindful. 

It can be realizing that you’re not in love with your partner anymore or perhaps you have outgrown your profession. (Yes, the one you went to school for almost a decade for!) 

Some of these realizations will be hard on the heart and it’s important to be compassionate with yourself because you are not the “you” that chose this career, marriage, or job. You’ve evolved and you’re in the process of rediscovering what is right for you right now. 

There is a temporary square with Venus (love/values) and this will spotlight your relationships. In no way does this mean that you have to drop your significant other over a squabble or dip on your once loved career – it could mean that the way you are experiencing this situation needs to shift, beginning with your own beliefs and mindsets.

Mercury is about to go retrograde 

Mercury (messenger) is earthy, practical Virgo’s ruler and it is now in the pre-shadow retrograde. This means that you may be feeling or experiencing a slow down in communication leading to possible miscommunication and technology issues. How best to prepare? Back up all your computers and important information. Leave your home or any location a bit earlier rather than later in case there are delays.

Our communications get fired up

The energetic, assertive – and sometimes violent –  warrior planet, Mars, entered Gemini, ruled by Mercury the messenger. It is now informing our communication, thoughts, and technology on August 20 and will stay there until January 2023. So, there’s candela en la communication for about seven months! 

This can give us the energy to get up and go get our sh*t together in amazing ways. 

It’s important not to jump into online fighting disguised as opinion sharing and to make sure to take a moment before speaking or outpouring on social media. Use this energy wisely and you’ll be able to stand up for yourself and shine in creative ways!  

This New Moon is about refining and grounding into what works and daring to create new routines and practices. 

As you choose practitioners and healers, remember to have discernment. Not every diet, exercise, or guru that sparkles is centered in truth. As we are guided to eat cleaner, steer away from toxic positivity, spiritual bypassing, and anything that pushes you past your organic process into “thinking good thoughts.” There’s much to be purged, cleansed, and understood during this moon. Pay attention if you feel something isn’t for you. Trust yourself.

A quick vibe for each sign this New Moon

Remember to check out your rising and moon signs as well. 

Aries: It’s all about boundaries and the Benjamins for you this New Moon cycle! If you’ve been overworking, assess how much you sacrifice for your income and release co-dependent bosses, co-workers, or even your own insecurities. This will allow for more space to breathe. Your mental health deserves it!

Taurus:  You’ve got this, Tauro! The retrograde in Uranus is in your sign, so you are undergoing some intense transformations. The caterpillar is officially melted and forming its alas! In the next few months, you are coming out even more authentically yourself! It’s all about shifting into a new more whole self-expression! 

Gemini: This moon lights up your house of family and home and invites you to explore newfound security. What brings you joy? Time for some solitude and introspection. Your inner self is full of beautiful sorpresas! 

Cancer: Observe more than you say now during this pre-retrograde shadow, Cancer. This New Moon invites you to tend to your own needs in a way that allows you to gain clarity. Journaling is the perfect practice at this time for you, so get ready to share your deepest emotions with paper and pen, or digital devices. This will give you the space you need to not take things personally. If it’s not your monkeys, it’s not your circo!

Leo:  The New Moon highlights your self-worth and asks you to watch your spending habits. You may be giving others lavish gifts and support or spending on tiny things that add up. Allow yourself to plan for a rainy day or tormenta by reviewing your financial plans and budget! This is also amor propio!

Virgo: This New Moon lights up your sun sign and you shift from thinking and planning into doing and being more of yourself! Pay attention to situations that increase anxiety and stress; create new supportive routines such as meditation, forest baths, or chanting! As you release the worries and allow yourself to move more freely, you’ll experience more freedom and joy!

Libra: This New Moon falls into your eight house of sex, power, resources, and desire. Unpacking personal baggage is on the agenda. Shadow work, tantra, and any practice that allows you to accept the rico, good, bad about yourself are necessary. As you continue diving deeper into your own shadows, energy is liberated to focus on intimacy and sensualidad at a whole other level! 

Scorpio: You’re great solo, Scorpio. But it doesn’t mean you have to be. This new luna asks that you allow others to support you in deeper ways. Lean on others as you navigate change, be prepared for new friendships, and current ones taking on different roles. You’ve always been so wise and your people are ready to hear you at this time. 

Sagittarius: You’re tempted to take a huge leap and el Universo is like, ”espera un momentito.” This earth sign moon is asking you to plan out and create a process for the leap you’re about to take. Define your goals, what works for you now, and what you need to be happy in your career ahora. Vision boards,  journaling, and brainstorming with friends will help you gain clarity so that when you jump off the cliff you’ll land where you really belong!

Capricorn: You’re evolving past old perspectives and identities as you leave the workaholic archetype behind and embrace parts that are more free-wheeling! You’re broadening your vision and taking risks during this new earthy moon. And yes. It gets to be fun! 

Aquarius: This New Moon is all about placing yourself first. The truth is you seldom do. Balancing while giving to others and doing it yourself is taking on a whole new meaning. As you fill your cup in both profound and practical ways, you’ll have more cosmic power to offer your community, the world, and your favorite causes! 

Pisces: Virgo is Pisces’ opposite sign and you both tend to hold others to impossible ideals. This New Moon spotlights your relationships and asks you to face reality, so you can see yourself and others as you are and heal some disappointments in the process. Taking off your rose-colored lentes will only allow you to love deeper and better – starting with yourself, sweet soul.

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