New Moon in Virgo: Season of Discernment

Photo courtesy of Belatina, latinx
Photo courtesy of Belatina, latinx

Back-to-school vibes and pumpkin spice lattes abound on this pre-fall New Moon in Virgo taking place September 6th at 8:51 P.M. EST. 

Virgo, an Earth sign that is composed of hard-working, perfection-seeking, supports us with a wave of “can-do” productivity and renewed commitment and we are here for it!

The last two Full Moons in Aquarius, one in July and August, should have given us a clearer picture of our unique talents and goals. Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and focus on the details of building, refining, and creating our dreams.

What does this mean?

This pruning and process of revisiting come at an ideal time as we are beginning to shift from one season to the next. So, what better time to reassess what no longer works for us and implement new tactics? 

Prior to this New Moon, we may have focused on one type of exercise or none at all, but as summer draws to a close and work becomes busier, it is time to consider how we will commit to our mind, body and spirit health. And by putting in the work. 

Many may consider dedication, practice, and consistency dull, but these values are more than that; these attributes are resilient builders of our dreams! It’s not about perfection ( that can be an elusive goal), it’s more about tweaking our daily habits, productivity, exercise, and health routines so we have the energy and focus to continue flourishing. ¡Poco a poco vamos lejos! 

We may feel the study vibes quite literally upon us. Some may have already  enrolled in something, but, even if you aren’t, it’s not too late to sign up for that course, certification, or workshop. This can support your career growth and/or offer a technique for increased mindfulness and peace considering the state of the collective at this time. 

Those that enjoy planning, get ready to pull out your 2021-2022 planners as we start to sketch out what the next few months could look like with the changes we are being asked to make. 

Are you focused?

After a playful Leo season, it’s time to get busy with focus and discernment. Virgos get a bad rap at times as being, “too critical,” the positive side of that spectrum is that they can be the “Boss of Discernment.” 

Let’s be honest, is there anything that the world needs more than discernment right now?  

In astrology, the signs in opposition always carry wisdom and mirrored lessons. Pisces, a water sign, is the opposite of Virgo and would say we need compassion is what is required. The truth is we really need both sentiments. 

With Covid-19 mutating and extending the global pandemic, floods, fires, and women’s rights coming into question in the US (and most definitely in Afghanistan) battles of opinion, politics, fear are being waged online and off. The emotional temperatures are at an all-time high and the ability to stay grounded is key at an individual and collective level. Of course, all while being able to discern between fear, hearsay, fanaticism, science, and pseudo-science. It may sound like a lot, but it is doable!  

Virgo and its Pisces counterpart always whisper astrological pearls of wisdom in our collective ear. Question is: Are we ready to hear it?

Now, let’s pay attention to what the late American radio show host, Bernard Meltzer, once said

 “Before you speak ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful. If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left unsaid.”

Dissecting our habits

A new moon happens when the moon is on the same side of the earth as it is on the sun, which makes the moon look like it is not there at all! This cosmic lineup creates the energy of new beginnings and the opportunity to release the old. 

With this New Moon, it is very important to be discerning with our habits, our thoughts, friendships, and our routines. It’s time to focus the energy that could go into the collective tension into our personal stability and health. 

The opportunity for change and growth happening in the next two weeks is supported by the earth trine formed during this new moon. 

Here’s what’s happening

Mars (energy, passion, fire) is in Virgo (productivity, health, routines), Uranus ( rebel/visionary) in Taurus (body, earth, abundance), and Pluto (transformer) is in Capricorn (boss, business, structure) is retrograde. 

This is a positive portal that allows us to create the new from the harvest we reap from our past work and effort! 

Please bear in mind that not everything gets thrown out. No. Instead, we get to build on the strong foundations we’ve spent time building and adjust for the up levels that we’ve needed; these levels that have been so vital in making sure we can achieve the goals we are (and have been) desiring. 

For instance, you may apply for a promotion, review old contracts, and explore meetings and conversations around the next steps for a salary increase. As a business owner, you may hire new staff, revisit old systems and raise your rates!

Venus (love, values, self-worth) in graceful and artistic Libra makes a supportive connection with Jupiter (good luck, expansion) in Aquarius (visionary) so your love, work,  and/or health discussions need not be heavy; they can still get the job done with ease and grace!  

Suggestions to work with this New Moon in Virgo include getting comfortable and ready to go deep. 

Taking several deep breaths and just paying attention to the action of your breath, from inhaling and exhaling with no pressure to change or alter it, will help with this. We all know more than we can focus on any given day, let’s allow ourselves to get access to our powerful intuitive knowledge!  

 Let’s not forget this month’s New Moon exercise!

Read the following, think about it, and listen deeply. 

  •     How do I really feel in my body? Am I tired? Do I need more energy? Am I sleeping enough? What is my nutrition like? 
  •     What is ONE thing I can add to support me now? Is it a daily walk, a green smoothie, more water, a yin yoga online class? Is it getting the appointment with the therapist you’ve been thinking about? Understand that adding even one positive thing at a time helps! 
  •     Is there something my body really needs and I have been ignoring it due to shallow excuses such as a lack of time, energy, money?  
  •     Is there a way to give me what I need? Are you making the time? Should I start slow if low on energy and explore free offerings online? 
  •     Where can you have more compassion for your struggles, losses, and gains? Where is discernment needed so you don’t overwork or overgive until you are drained?  
  •     As you continue observing yourself and as your own wisdom keeper, what new habit, mindset, or routine can you most benefit from? 
  •     Observing from discernment, what truly needs to be released? What takes its place with joy and expansion? 
  •     Now, repeat: 
    • It is now safe to let go of habits that used to serve me but no longer do.  
    •   It is safe to focus on my well-being, my health, and my work.
    •  As I review my strong foundations, I allow myself to grow knowing it is part of my path. 
    • I give myself permission to up-level in my choice of habits, routines, ways of working, environments, and my health! 
    •  I embrace my mind, body, spirit, financial, and work health no matter what is happening in the world.

If you’re feeling like this moon is asking you to keep your nariz to the grindstone, it kind of is. But only get to it after your morning meditation, smoothie (with turmeric to keep inflammation low — oh yes!), and digital reminders to you moving.  

This New Moon and its luminaries ask you to practice what you may already know and invest in your long-term wellness.

Virgo also carries the energies of those that came before us, our family and Ancestors. We are asked to review habits because we may have learned to ignore our health on many levels and just “push through.” 

Pushing through in this current socio-political landscape is not enough. Work technology a tu favor, don’t let it run you ragged! Use apps, articles, and all the (factual) information out there to support your well-being on all fronts. 

Armed with discernment and compassion, we can make the most of this New Moon and seed new intentions while ensuring that we are taking our work and self-care to the next level!