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Your Official Must-Know Colombian Artist One-Sheet

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Known for its dazzling culture and contemporary art-scene, Bogotá is abuzz with bright colors and must-know artists. The country’s upcoming annual art fair, ArtBo, showcases some of the most influential art galleries and we are so here for it. Below are some of the top Colombian artists who deserve your undivided attention.

Exploring Time, Space, and Human Emotions

Monika Bravo

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While based in New York, artist Monika Bravo’s interest lies in perception and the notions of time and space. This proud Colombian’s conceptual artwork is a “tool to decipher the laws that govern the world I live on,” she has stated.

Pedro Ruiz

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Pedro Ruiz is another conceptual artist who examines his country’s socio-political context. “Many of my works focus on the reality of the world I live in. I try to communicate like the inhabitants of a specific territory, without alluding to a specific ideal of national identity,” he said in an interview. Overall, his art is punctuated by spiritual and emotional themes.

Adriana Salazar

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Though she lives and works in Mexico, Adriana Salazar, derives her inspiration by exploring the boundaries between life and death as well as human emotions. This can be seen best in her project, Doing it Myself, where she shows machines performing human actions.

Re-discovering Culture and Identity

Antonio Caro

Photo Credit thecitypaperbogota.com

Antonio Caro, who lives and works in Bogotá, was awarded the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in 1998, and is known for creating some of the most iconic artwork in the country. One of his most famous pieces, Colombia, examines cultural identity and consumerist ideology.

Doris Salcedo

Photo Credit Disremembered 2014 https://www.guggenheim.org

Despite her international fame, Doris Salcedo doesn’t stray far from her Colombian roots. Born in 1958 in Bogotá, she is highly regarded for her evocative sculptures and installations. The talented artist continues to explore themes tied to issues of displacement, oppression, and marginalization through an abstract lens.

Finding Inspiration from Everyday Life

Danilo Dueñas

Photo Credit https://www.galleriesnow.net

Both an artist and a teacher, Danilo Dueñas, who is originally from the city of Cali, gives new meaning to everyday materials by using them to create his exhibition spaces.

Fernando Botero

Photo Credit tes.com

Another of the most influential contemporary artists in Latin America, Fernando Botero’s arresting work is undeniably its own style. The award-winning artist’s painting and sculptures depict an array of curvaceous and sensuous forms.

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