‘OMGYes,’ A Guide To A Woman’s Pleasure During A Pandemic

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While the pandemic insists on staying, the need for healthy sex life is still important to many. What can we do?

Feminine sexual pleasure is not a topic usually outspoken. If that is the case under normal circumstances, it might be the last problem in many people’s agendas during a pandemic — but not in ours.

As the pandemic extends, openly accepting that life must and will go on, and understanding how to find the best balance between safety, freedom, and pleasure, is vital not just to thrive, but to live happily.

Hence, it is essential to think about how to have sex safely. As it happened during the beginning of the Aids pandemic, the smartest approach is not complete abstinence but harm reduction. “During this extended public health emergency, people will and should have sex,” says the NYC Health Department in their “Safer Sex and COVID–19” guide.  

There are three ways to make harm reduction in this case.  

  1. Get frequently tested and make sure your partner does as well. This is a lesson from the Adult Film Industry. Particularly in California, where the PASS system works, adult film actors have to get tested for HIV every fifteen days to shoot. 
  2. Find a sex buddy with whom you can compromise on what to do to protect each other. This was the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment’s official advice, an explicit acknowledgment that their citizens would not just sit at home and wait until the virus goes away. This is the sexual equivalent of having a social bubble, so compromise is crucial. 
  3. You are your safest sex partner, as the NYC Health Department states.

For the rest of this piece, we will be talking about the last point of the list. The fact you are your safest sex partner should not mean you are the dullest one. And, in the same way, people are using their lonely pandemic time to learn abilities such as yoga and baking bread, the skill to indulge one’s self should be taken equally seriously. The pandemic will eventually be under control, but these are life-skills, for real. 

Meet OMGYes

OMGYes is the equivalent of a feminine Kamasutra for masturbation. The Kamasutra and other books alike have been written based on the reflection on experience. The OMGYes researchers gathered the wisdom on self-pleasure of over 18,000 women between ages 18 and 95 through one to one interviews and surveys. That is a lot of experience. 

During their first season of research, they found over twelve different techniques women use for self-pleasure while stimulating the clitoris with their fingers, most of which didn’t even have names. From how to have multiple orgasms to how to make them more prolonged and more intense, the OMGYes website will show you that stimulating your clitoris can be more diverse and pleasant than what you might be thinking right now. 

In the second season, the OGMYes team provides insides on twelve different techniques for achieving pleasure during penetration: from flexing your inner muscles to heighten pleasure, breathing techniques, pairing penetration and clitoris stimulation, or squirting, OMGYes seconds season continues to explore feminine sexuality to put it in our hands.  

OMGYes’ website is built with beautifully well-produced films and photography, detailed guides, interviews with women who feel safe and have no shame, and even interactive videos for you to practice on the screen before getting hands-on on yourself. 

It is also designed to help sex become an open topic of discussion between women and partners. It includes women of all races and ages that share stories on how they learned to enjoy their sexuality. 

Sex is one of the forces that make the world go around. It is time we use it to smile as well.