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Contouring BeLatina

Contour Culture: A Newbie’s Guide To Serving Face

A Newbie’s Guide To Serving Face Your choice in makeup is as personal as your choice in undergarments. But unlike your intimate, makeup determines the...
Fenty Beauty Belatina Cosmetics

Skin in the Game: 7 Celebrities Who Are Redefining Cosmetics

There are a number of celebrities with enviable skin, making you wonder if they’ve made a pact with the gods. Whatever the regimen, they...
Voto Latino Votes 2020

Will Latino Voters Decide the Next American President?

Over the weekend, Politico Magazine published a piece that suggested that fate of the next presidential election may very well be decided by Hispanic...
Frida Kahlo Exhibit

Recasting the Art of Appearance in the New Epic Frida Kahlo Exhibit in Brooklyn

Recasting the Art of Appearance in the New Epic Frida Kahlo Exhibit in Brooklyn In just a few weeks, the mystique of Frida Kahlo’s personal...
Vive Cosmetics Belatina

Latinx Beauty Brands and the Women Behind Them

BIG Business in Beauty It’s no secret that beauty products are a big business. And now more than ever, several of the beauty brands you...
Virginia Responsibility

A Brief Rundown of Virginia’s Gubernatorial Shakeup

To Virginian legislators, the past several days has had brought enough turmoil to last an entire term. With a slew of troubling revelations tied...
Family Dysfunction

The Subtle Art of Self-Preservation: How to Cope with Toxic Family Dysfunction

There’s no such thing as a perfect family, a family in which everything is love, support, kindness, and fun. Of course, there are families...
Fall Hair Color Trends Belatina

Fall Hair Color Trends You Didn’t Know You Needed

Autumn is a great season to switch up your strands and deep reds and browns continue to be a must during fall. We can...