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BELatina Best Week Ceci Bastida Latinx

BELatina’s Best of the Week: Financial Education, the Trejos Sisters, Ceci Bastida, and More

Dear readers, we are not going to lie to you — this has been a tough week. The accumulated fatigue and our tenacity in...
Trauma Dumping BELatina Latinx

Trauma Dumping, What You Need To Know About This Social Media Phenomenon

It is human nature to rely heavily on our social circles when we experience intense, emotional situations — both happy and otherwise. We are,...

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Amanda Serrano, Karol G, And More

Oh, the Monday blues! We're working from home today, still wrapped in our blankets and waiting for the steaming coffee to give us the strength...
Alejandro Corpus Keithcity Group BELatina Latinx

Alejandro Corpus, the Genius Behind Keithcity Group, Talks About the Art of Going Viral...

We all know Bill Nye, right? You may know him as “the science guy” — the fantastic character who has been educating audiences on...
Photo courtesy of BELatina

Looking for a Mentor? Maybe That’s Not What You Need Right Now

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. You are thinking “de que habla esta? She doesn’t know my life”. Even if this is...
Pets online love BELatina Latinx

Pets You Should All Follow and Give Love to on Social Media

In a world where serotonin is in short supply, online pet videos and content are a lifesaver for many of us. The tenderness and...
BELatina Best of the Week PR Influence Latinx

BELatina’s Best of the Week: PR Influence, Cavah Collection, And More

Señoras y señores, it's finally Friday — you know what that means, right? Margaritas! But before we lay back and rest, we want to recap...
Photo courtesy of Paulette Piñero/ BELatina News

3 Tips To Go From the Eternal To-do Lista To Making SH*T Happen

How many checklists do you make a week? Even per day? Are you using planners, virtual calendars, and color-coding everything? Maybe you prefer to...
Generational identities BELatina Latinx

Breaking the Myth of the Monolith: Generational Identities and the Latino Community

What marks generational differences in our community? Could we successfully identify the pre-RBD and post-RBD Latinos? How deep does the generational difference between the...
Photo courtesy of BELatina/ Lead Media

Are You a New People Manager? Here’s How You Can Be a Great Líder...

There is a big misconception about the word líder. We tend to use this term for the people who manage staff or teams at...
Latine actresses BELatina Latinx

Women HERStory: Emerging Latine Actresses We Celebrate All Year Long

Latine women have been making herstory and paving the way for aspiring artists of all generations more than ever in recent years.  From using social...
Women's History Month events BELatina Latinx

Women’s History Month Events: The Power of Collective Healing

Something about 2022 feels different. It could be that we are no longer seeing people hoard toilet paper for no damn reason or that...