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Photo courtesy of democracynow.org Belatina, latinx

Trump Administration Illegally Deports 33 Children in Violation of Federal Judge’s Order

While a judge blocked a deportation order, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service put 33 unaccompanied immigrant children on a deportation flight back to...
Hate Crimes US BeLatina Latinx

Another of Trump’s Legacies: Hate Crimes on the Rise in the U.S.

U.S. presidents are often remembered for a historical record that assesses their legacy based on the long-term impact of their administrative, political and moral...
GOP Women BeLatina Latinx

Another Paradox of the Trump Phenomenon: The Victory of GOP Women

For those who believe that Donald Trump's defeat in the November election is directly proportional to the collapse of the Republican Party, we have...
Feminism Trump BeLatina Latinx

What Does the Post-Trump Future Hold for the Feminist Revolution?

Talking about the Donald Trump government without mentioning the feminist revolution or the #MeToo and #TimeIsUp movements is nearly impossible. The former U.S. president inaugurated...
Farmworkers BeLatina Latinx

Cruelty Without Regrets, Trump Administration Drastically Cuts Farmworker Wages

It seems like Donald Trump is not so sure he can stay in the White House by force. According to Farmworker Justice, a nonprofit organization...
Julian adios Trump BeLatina Latinx

Julián Castro Celebrates Biden’s Win Re-Launching His ‘Adiós Trump!’ T-Shirts

The first thing former presidential candidate Julian Castro wrote on Twitter when news of Joe Biden's victory broke was "Adiós Trump!” Castro took advantage of...
Ricky Martin Biden BeLatina Latinx

Ricky Martin on Trump’s Latinx Support, ‘It’s Really Scary’

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin spoke about what the election result next Tuesday means for his family in an episode of the Variety and...

Trump Tries to Win the Vote of U.S. Citizens Who Fled Communism by Exploiting...

As the U.S. election gets closer, both candidates try to appeal to certain populations at all costs in an attempt to win their votes....
Census BeLatina Latinx

Supreme Court Authorizes Trump Administration to Stop Census Early

With the presidential election just weeks away, the Trump administration has put the pedal to the metal on several of its most controversial measures,...
Trump Debate BeLatina Latinx

With No Debate and the Polls Against Him, Trump Faces the Final Stretch

Last Friday, the Commission on Presidential Debates canceled the second debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The decision came from the president's reluctance...
Trump Abortion COVID BeLatina Latinx

For Trump, Abortion Is OK If It Guarantees You Will Survive COVID-19

It sounds blunt, but it's no less accurate. According to national media, the cocktail of antibodies that President Donald Trump received to survive his...
Trump Covid BeLatina Latinx

Trump, COVID, and The Ironic American Reality

With more than seven million cases and 200,000 deaths, the United States currently has 31,000 citizens hospitalized with coronavirus — including President Donald J....