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Latino Trump BELatina

Understanding the ‘Latinos For Trump’ Phenomenon

Yes, we call it a phenomenon because, despite what common sense may tell us, there is always the exception to the rule. Ever since Donald...
Family Dinner BELatina subject of politics

Politics at the Dinner Table: How to Keep Cool When Talking Trump With the...

With President Trump’s impeachment by the House of Representatives fresh on our minds, many of us are experiencing anxiety over what we ought to...
Trump Insult Latinos latinx people

30 Times Trump Flat-Out Insulted Latinos Somehow

“Nobody loves the Hispanics more,” Donald Trump said at a New Mexico rally back in September, but does he really? The reality is that...
NSC Director for European Affairs Vindman arrives at House impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill in Washington

Trump’s Allies Are Weaponizing Anti-Immigrant Sentiment for Their Benefit… Again

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a decorated Army vet who served our country in Iraq, has been on the receiving end of anti-immigrant sentiment for...
Freshmen Selfie AOC Representation

Trump’s Blatant Insecurity in the Face of Women of Color

President Trump typically puts up a huge fuss when a Congresswoman of color expresses an opinion that is critical of his administration or is...
Public Charge Trump

Understanding Trump’s New “”Public Charge”” Rule

On August 14th, 2019, the U.S. Homeland Security Department (DHS) released an updated version on what is considered a "public charge." They did this...
preterm births Trump BELatina

Is Trump to Blame for Hike in Latina Preterm Births?

A recent study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health revealed a considerable increase in preterm births. More specifically,...
Census 2020 Count

How Trump’s Infamous Citizenship Question Negatively Affects Latino Kids

The Trump's infamous citizenship question may be out of the census but because of the fear among undocumented parents, Latino kids may be under-counted....
Central American Migrants Cross The Rio Bravo To Surrender To Border Patrol

Unrealistic Time Frame to Get Ready for Trump’s New Immigration Rule, Say Asylum Agents

There are things that never change in the Trump administration, for example new rules and wild proposals where immigrants are always affected. On this...
Sanchez Family Cystic Fibrosis Fear of deportation

Gravely Ill Patients Are No Longer Exempted From Deportation Proceedings in Trump’s America

Up until this week, undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. have been able to apply for medical deferred action on deportation proceedings through Citizenship...
Elsa Alcala

Meet Elsa Alcala, the Former Texas Judge who Bailed on the Republican Party Because...

Elsa Alcala is a former Republican judge from Texas who has recently voiced her dissatisfaction with Donald Trump to the public. She has gone...
google sundar pichai companies stand against

Rogue for the Right Reasons: The Companies Taking a Stand Against Trump

Prominent and successful businesses like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Apple, JPMorgan Chase, Uber, Airbnb, Etsy, Facebook and dozens more are strongly and proudly supporting their consumers...