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Agua Bonita BELatina Latinx

Agua Bonita, the Afro-Latina-Owned Beverage Breaks the Fundraising Ceiling

If there's one thing Latinas know, it's that financing is the biggest obstacle to starting a business. We can handle it all — the...
The Honey Pot BELatina Latinx

The Honey Pot, the World’s First Plant-Based, Black-Owned Menstrual Care Line

For at least six years, I've been evangelizing to people with vaginas about the menstrual cup. For people sensitive to atopic dermatitis like me,...
Period Poverty BELatina Latinx

Period Poverty, a Silent Crisis in the Latinx and Black Communities

Talk of period poverty sounds like a dismal exaggeration, but the truth is that it's a reality that affects millions of people around the...
Infertility Latinas BELatina Latinx

How the Complexities Behind Infertility Affect Latinas

Infertility is a complex topic that impacts millions of women and couples across the globe. Although it is often not talked about and elicits...
Best of the Week BELatina Latinx

BELatina’s Best of the Week: Cultural Changes, Self-Care, and More

Here's a recap of the news you may have missed this week in BELatina's daily content. It's no coincidence that, as summer approaches, we focus...
Photo courtesy of Belatina.com Belatina, latinx

Inspiring Words From 2021 First-Generation Graduates

This past year and so proved to be more stressful than usual for the graduating class of 2021. Across the country, the class of 2021...
Joanis Duran Kalani Wolf BELatina Latinx

A Conversation With Queer Afro-Latina Designer Joanis Duran

For the queer designer, Joanis Duran, fashion is a love affair she has nurtured for years; she was drawn to all of its permutations ...
Women Latinos Business Owners BELatina Latinx

Women and Latinos Outnumber White Men in U.S. Business Ownership

What many economic observers anticipated for years has finally become a palpable reality: women and Latinos are the majority of business owners in the...
Joey Terrill, Black Jack 8. El Museo del Barrio Trienal BELatina Latinx

El Museo del Barrio’s Triennial Showcases ‘Latinx Art’

There's nothing better than getting back to "normalcy" with a powerful art exhibition. And El Museo del Barrio has seized the opportunity to open...
Your Mama So Sweet BeLatina Latinx

Spanglish Book, ‘Your Mama,’ Pays Homage to Latinx Moms Everywhere

Remember the "yo mama" jokes from years ago? If you're a child of the 80s or 90s, you probably threw out a few "yo...