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The Thanksgiving Dilemma/ Reconciling the Fine Line Between Celebrating Gratitude and Commemorating Colonization

Once a month, in an effort to talk about something other than our kids when we get together, a group of friends and I...
Zodiac Crystals

Crystal Cool: How to Pick the Right Ones for Your Zodiac Sign

You've found yourself drawn into the world of crystal stones, but you feel so overwhelmed and aren't sure where to begin! You're not alone...
Godess Vibe BeLatina

How To Live Your Best Life, Raise Your Vibe, and Be The Spiritual Goddess...

If you are embarking on a new life path or you are ready to make a change to your daily routine or relationships, you...
Feature Education Coco Belatina explore mexico

See and Being Seen: ‘Explore Mexico’ is a Kids Book About the Power...

I can remember when I was very little, those magical moments when I felt excited, curious, adventurous — all at once. It usually happened...
Period Podcast NPR Belatina

Sssh! Periods: The Period Podcast Created by Teens who are Anything But Shy

Moon time, shark week, riding the cotton pony, code red. We have thousands of code words to talk about it without ever saying it....
Mani Manicure BeLatina

Nailing the Art of Interesting Manicures: A Primer

“Pick A Color” can be the most intimidating three words in the nail salon. You knew in your mind what you wanted, until you...
Green Gut Smoothie

Do People Still Drink Smoothies in 2019? Here are the Champion Blends

Smoothies have long since shed their reputation as run-of-the-mill, fruit-based, slurpable diet foods. The latest generation of smoothies uses nutrition as medicine, homing in...
Human Made Pharrell

10 Reasons Why Pharrell Forever Makes Us Happy

Pharrell Williams turns 46 today and in honor of his birthday we broke down all the reasons why we love him. From bold and...

A Look at the Major Indigenous Cultures of 13 Latino Countries

Indigenous culture is an integral part of what it means to be Latino. Before the Europeans arrived to colonize what is now Latin America,...

A Brief Rundown of Virginia’s Gubernatorial Shakeup

To Virginian legislators, the past several days has had brought enough turmoil to last an entire term. With a slew of troubling revelations tied...

How to Raise a Woke Baby: An Interview with Mahogany Browne

Being a parent in today’s world comes with its own unique set of complications and tough choices. It’s not enough to simply raise your...