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Patty Arvielo and Sonia Guzman: The Latina Leaders Breaking Barriers in Business

Patty Arvielo and Sonia Guzman: The Latina Leaders Breaking Barriers in Business

Have you heard about Carson Life? Well, if you haven’t, we’ve got you covered.  

For starters, Carson Life is a company that focuses on providing natural health and beauty products for the Latino/e market. And they just welcomed a new member to their Board of Directors. Her name is Patty Arvielo, and she’s a self-made Latina business mogul and one of the most influential women leaders in the country. She’s joining the team as an investor and mentor. 

You might recognize Arvielo as the co-founder of New American Funding, which is now the largest Latina-owned private mortgage company in the US. She’s received tons of accolades for her achievements, including being named to Forbes’ 50 Over 50 list in 2022. She’s also a big supporter of Latina-founded companies, recently becoming Chairwoman of the #WEALLGROW Latina digital community and platform. 

Arvielo joins forces with Sonia Guzman

For Sonia Guzman, the founder of Carson Life, having Arvielo on board is a big deal. Guzman created the company to address the unique cultural needs of Latinos/es in the beauty and wellness categories. She sees Arvielo as the ultimate role model for Latina entrepreneurs. 

Since its founding in 2013, Carson Life has introduced over 50 products for hair, beauty, health, and sports nutrition customized for Latines. The company owns two brands, Carson Life and Eva+Avo, and its products can be found in over 9,000 retail stores across the US and Puerto Rico, as well as online. 

It’s surprising that American beauty and wellness companies often neglect the growing Latino/e population by marketing products tailored to non-Latino/e populations. But Carson Life is different. After losing a close family member to cancer, Guzman recognized the need for quality health and wellness products in her community and decided to create change. 

Despite Carson Life’s rapid growth and positive reception from the community, securing venture capital has been a hurdle, particularly for Latina founders, who only receive 0.4 percent of all available funding in venture capital in the US. But Guzman remains optimistic, and leaders like Arvielo are opening doors for Latinas to thrive and succeed. 

As an investor in Carson Life, Arvielo aims to uplift and support Latinas, who often feel alone in their entrepreneurial journeys. Together, Arvielo and Guzman are one of the only self-made Latina duos in beauty to break venture capital and retail records. The company will use Arvielo’s investment and mentorship to support the growing demand and expansion of its product lines. 

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