Meet Paula Landrón: The Fitness Entrepreneur Behind The Deep Lifestyle

Paula Landrón BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Paula Landrón

Due to the nature of my career, I can’t really disconnect from social media. That’s why curating the content I consume and how I do so is vital for my mental health. Scrolling through my feeds and seeing the content of businesswomen like Paula Landrón has genuinely been a gamechanger in the way I source my motivation during the quarantine. 

Before the pandemic, her business, The Deep Lifestyle, was a workout studio and an event production company based in Puerto Rico. Nowadays, it’s become a powerhouse for workout bands called Deep Bands that has expanded her online community and become a take-off point for her three-month coaching program called “Ignite Your Life From Soul to Skin” that will launch on September 9.

Although her business revolves around fitness and its core product, its concept goes beyond the traditional exercise routines we save in our archives for later. Through motivational content, mindful workouts, and community-building, she strives to empower women to reach their potential and get out of their own ways when it comes to their goals.

Something that sets you apart from other fitness entrepreneurs with similar platforms is the fact that you combine accessible fitness with spirituality, motivation, and empowerment. What is the intention behind all of this?

The “what” really doesn’t matter as much as the “why,” which is to give people something to channel their emotions through to heal and let out whatever they feel rather than suppressing it. We’re human; therefore we feel and should use movement to heal ourselves. 

A year or two into teaching Zumba, I realized that it wasn’t for me since I’m not good with a structure in terms of people telling me what to do and how to do it, no podía.  So, I created this concept of “Deep,” which started as a combination of high-intensity interval training, yoga, and kickboxing.  As it evolved, I realized that people needed something more profound, and so did I if I wanted to keep doing this. Organically, I started adding some bits and pieces of me talking, especially as I got more into meditation. 

I came back to Puerto Rico and opened my own studio, where I really started solidifying my concept. Each of the different classes I offered was with this Deep Method, and they all worked on a different emotion. 

What’s been the benefit of channeling these emotions into something tangible? 

It’s healing. That means understanding what happens to you. With my workouts and this method, I help you get there. If you feel like a boss bitch, I’ll help you feel like an extra boss bitch! If you’re feeling shitty, I’ll make sure you go deep into that to get to the root of it, which is precisely why it’s called the Deep Workout: you go deep in your squats, you go deep in your thoughts, and you go deep into yourself.  

How have these insights you’ve gained from meditation, your practices, and experiences informed your entrepreneurial and business decisions? 

I started seeing progress in my business endeavors when I let go of the learned behaviors from when I was little that led to unhealthy romantic partners and understanding that that’s where the work needed to be done. Although I’ve been doing this since I was 18, I wasn’t reaching the potential my soul knew I could achieve. I could either keep repeating these toxic patterns or choose another path. 

Since I decided to take the healing route, it’s insane how fast I started to manifest the life I deserve. From there, opportunities have kept arriving, and every time I decide to get let go of something that didn’t serve me, the universe replenishes with something better. 

Paula Landrón BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Paula Landrón

You’ve been able to produce awesome things like empowering books, a podcast, the deep bands… It seems like these are all products of the process you’re describing. What’s been the most challenging part in trying to make all of this happen?

My biggest challenge has been my own mind. When I decide to do something, I have the ability to manifest it exactly how I need it when I need it.  The problem is letting go of the limiting beliefs that make me think I can’t do it. While in these toxic relationships, for example, my boyfriend would say, “¿qué haces? Estás loca” and I would start to believe that. Our parents’ beliefs also rub off on us. 

I started my workout studio with $321 in my bank account when it was worth $320. I didn’t have any money left but I challenged myself and knew that if I didn’t do it, I’d never be able to prove to myself that I could do anything else. So, I did it and took the leap of faith on my own. From there, I just went on to pursue bigger goals. I don’t know if I would call that a challenge, but it’s definitely the cards I’ve been dealt with. 

What’s been the most rewarding part of this entire journey?

Seeing how every struggle and every dark part of my soul has not only given me growth but a way to connect others to their own darkness to show them that there’s a better way. It’s being able to take all this that they’ve endured, and translate it into a divine purpose. Building strength, being vulnerable with our stories to become a better citizen in the world, and helping others. 

What do you recommend to our readers for self-care, empowerment, and potential ways to feel better during this difficult time?

Meditate every day. Take a walk in the park, looking at the trees, cook or sing without listening to anything and just be 100% centered in what you’re doing.  Find your meditation and do it every day whether it lasts one second or 30 minutes, I’m not here to tell you how to meditate or what kind of medicine is for you. All I can say is that you should do it every day because that’s going to tell you what you need. It’s going to tell you what kind of movement you need that day, what person you need to talk to, or what book you need to read. It’s going to help you align with life and the synchronicities if you’re open to them. You can only listen to your inner voice if you meditate.