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People Are Now Cosplaying Latinos on TikTok – And WTF?

People Are Now Cosplaying Latinos on TikTok – And WTF? belatina latine

It’s no secret that everybody wants to be Latino now. We see it in ongoing trends, from the infamous spa water to the “clean girl” aesthetic. Now we’re seeing signs of a deeper form of cultural appropriations. But what’s worse than spa water? Try racial cosplay.

Yes, we’re seeing non-Latinos cosplaying as Latinos – whenever it benefits them, of course. One of the most trending social media discussions of it happens to be from TikTok user @themadzness, whose name is Madeline, who brought up a clear example of it over the weekend.


In recent videos, Madeline points out another TikTok user and singer @chiaraking’s problematic usage of her social media platform. She talks about how Chiara cosplays as a Latina when she’s actually from Eastern Europe. Madeline references Chiara’s hashtag placements such as “Latin trend,” and “toxica” as damaging to actual Latinas – and she’s not wrong.

Check out the TikTok hashtag for “Latin trend,” and you’ll see how Chiara’s face is one that appears the most.

Some of Chiara’s most viral TikToks have to do with portraying Latinas as jealous and “feisty.” Particularly with the “Dejame Revisarte el Celular” audio, which appears to be a working “trend” for her since she has recreated “duets,” and videos for this specific audio multiple times. She’s even used the audio for ads.

When Madeline called her out for it, Chiara responded through a thread of voice notes. Among the audios, she said: “I love Spanish music, I sing reggaeton, I’ve been speaking Spanish for fifteen years. My parents are Portuguese… it wasn’t my intention to be racist, and I’m sorry if you are offended.”

She also said: “Obviously, I am not Latina, but I was just admiring the Latina culture.” And she denied doing Latina cosplay.

Since when does admiring our culture translate into feeding the harmful Latina “toxica” culture?

Within Madeline’s reply, she points out that Chiara is deleting her followers’ comments, instead of apologizing to the Latinos who feel that Chiara’s contributing to this “Latina toxica” trend. Furthermore, Madeline tells Chiara how that’s not okay since she’s a “full European woman who is profiting off the ‘Latina aesthetic.’”

The discussion ends with Chiara blocking Madeline from social media. But this is a conversation that many of us Latinas want answers to – in a broader sense.

This isn’t only about Chiara – what’s going on with social media nowadays?

In 2022, how are we not only degrading Latinas but also cosplaying these stereotypical versions that aren’t accurate? This “Latina toxica” stereotype is beyond overplayed. 

Why is it that other races – such as European Spanish speakers – are actively seeing Latinos’ culture as a profitable trait now? And why are they feeling so comfortable doing it?

We need answers.

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