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Are You a New People Manager? Here’s How You Can Be a Great Líder Even When You Second Guess Yourself

Photo courtesy of BELatina/ Lead Media
Photo courtesy of BELatina/ Lead Media

There is a big misconception about the word líder. We tend to use this term for the people who manage staff or teams at work, but a líder is more than that. A líder is a person who turns their purpose into impact and inspires others to work from their strengths. Sounds like what all people managers should strive for verdad?

So, if you are a new people manager and still figuring out how to show up as a líder no te preocupes because your Latina Leadership Coach — a.k.a. me — has your back. Better yet, I asked some of my favorite líderes to share their own stories of how their managers helped them level up to help you lead authentically and advocate for yourself at work and beyond.

Let’s start by defining your role as a people manager.

Your mission as a people manager is to guide and help your team thrive in their jobs. At times, this means that you establish goals, keep them accountable to achieve them, or connect them with resources to elevate their skills. Other times, you might coach them or even allow them to shadow you when completing a complex task. Above all, it’s all about removing obstacles for your direct reports to do their job. Karla Velis, a photographer and marketing manager at a non-profit said: “the best experience that I have had is with my current boss. My voice is heard, the trust to implement is there, and an innovative and flexible approach to executing a project is there.”

This doesn’t mean that you just hire “well” and then meet with your direct reports for yearly performance reviews. Like Diana Vasquez, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant shared with us: “[great people managers] address pay inequities and they overall are human. Their humanity allows me to feel safe being myself and we can build a culture of honest conversations.”

You don’t have to stop being your caring and values-driven self when managing teams.

This means that you have to prioritize your own leadership journey and build your professional success team.

If you’ve never invested in your own líder development, Diana shares: “I took advantage of everything I could for free before I began paying for services like coaching because it allowed me to actually understand what I was willing to invest my hard-earned money in.”

Once you are clear on your goals and the areas you want to prioritize, then you can decide what type of support will allow you to thrive professionally. “Definitely, a coach, a mentor, or an accountability partner have been key to my success”, says Karla.

Your next steps are key.

Working with a leadership coach allows you to understand the obstacles that are standing in the way and create a personalized plan for you and your team. 

Looking for clarity and confidence in this new chapter of your líder journey? Apply to work with me today.

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