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Peso Pluma Injured Himself During the Governors Ball 2024 – Yet He Continued Performing 

Peso Pluma Triumphs Over Controversy and Secures Spot at the Viña del Mar Music Festival 
Credit: Instagram/ Screenshot/ @PesoPluma

Mexican singer Peso Pluma found himself rushed to the hospital on the night of Sunday, June 9th, after an injury sustained during his performance at The Governors Ball 2024 festival in New York. Despite the mishap, the singer persisted with his show.  

In a series of Instagram stories, Peso Pluma disclosed his hospitalization and the impending X-rays to confirm his fracture. Videos circulating on social media depict the precise moment when the singer injures his ankle onstage, yet perseveres through the discomfort, carrying on with his performance. 

During his set at The Governors Ball 2024, Peso Pluma, suffered a foot injury, as evidenced by footage emerging on social media. Despite evident pain, the singer continued his show sans shoes, with his foot bandaged. It was at this point that he informed the audience of his injury, initially unaware of its severity. 

Refusing to succumb to the injury, Peso Pluma adamantly declined the chair offered by his production team for comfort, opting instead to continue moving on stage, albeit at a slower pace. “I’m here for you all, to hell with the chair. Let’s jump around New York, I want to see you all jump. This is called ‘AMG’,” he said to the crowd. 

Peso Pluma Kept His Fans Updated After the Governors Ball Incident

Upon concluding his performance at the festival, Peso Pluma took to his Instagram stories to share snapshots from the hospital, where he underwent X-rays confirming the fracture. However, the singer opted not to disclose specific details regarding the location of the fracture, maintaining a level of privacy about the incident. 

This was the moment that Peso Pluma seemingly fractured his foot: 


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Though he hopped around the stage, he was able to bring joy to those in attendance thanks to his amazing performance. 

We hope that the corridos tumbado king, Peso Pluma, has a speedy recovery! 

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