Hope and Optimism Among Communities of Color After Trump’s Defeat

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Photo courtesy of latimes.com

After four years under the rule of an openly racist and intolerant administration, it is not surprising that Latinos and Black people alike feel some relief knowing that Donald Trump will soon leave the White House.

Between an openly anti-immigrant agenda and the cynical perpetuation of the systemic racism that gave rise to movements like the Black Lives Matter, the defeat of Donald Trump, and the consequent arrival of President-elect Joe Biden at the White House is a moment of hope for communities of color.

And so say the numbers.

According to the Pew Research Center, after the election, fewer Latino and Black adults are feeling angry, and more are hopeful about the state of the country.

Following a survey conducted in the weeks after the November 3 election, the proportion of black and Latino adults who felt threatened and angry about the state of the nation has been “far lower than in June,” while feelings of hope have increased.

Less than half of Black (41%) and Latino (44%) adults now say they are angry about the state of the nation, a substantial drop from the 72% and 67%, respectively, who said the same in June. White adults also showed a smaller decrease since June, from 72% to 59%. Meanwhile, about half of Asians (51%) say they are angry about the country’s state as of November (the proportion of Asian adults who said they were angry in June is not shown due to insufficient sample size).

In June, equal portions of black, Latino, and white adults said they were hopeful, but that changed in November. Half (50%) of Latinos, 48% of Blacks, and 45% of Whites described themselves in June as hopeful about the state of the country. In November, that gap widened, with 64% of black and Latino adults expressing hope than 50% of whites. In addition, nearly half of Asian adults (54%) say they are hopeful.

These rates coincide with the overwhelming and historic voter turnout in the election that gave Biden a landslide victory and indicates the country’s willingness to set things right by following the new administration’s message of unity.