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Cheesy-but-Respectful ‘Piropos’ From Latin America To Melt Their Heart This Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of BELatina latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina

It is Valentine’s season, and you know what that means! You’re either the kind that cancels everything Valentine’s-related or the type that goes with the cheesiness flow of the holiday. Well, at BELatina News, we are here for all sorts of content — and that includes the cheesy to cringe-y overused pick-up lines.

Now, Latin America is known for going all-in when it comes to love. We even have memes as evidence that shows us how creative our culture can be: have you seen the heart-shaped concha bread or heart-shaped taco plates? That’s pure love. 

Even more, I like to believe we have (or should have already) moved past the cat-calling and harassing pick-up lines to the endearing ways to show our cariño. I mean, what’s not to adore about the holiday? We’re here to bring you smiles and light to your día del amor y la amistad

In celebration of the holiday, we’ve compiled all types of Latin American piropos, also known as street pick-up lines, that you could use to melt your special someone’s heart — or at least make them playfully roll their eyes. Don’t worry, they’re respectful — and most importantly, they’re meant to be playful! Not a form of harassment.

“No eres Google, pero tienes todo lo que yo busco.”

For the tech crush! It’s cute, okay? Translation: “You’re not Google, but you have everything I’ve been searching for.”

“Eres el trending topic de mi corazón.”

For my internet lovers! Translation: “You are the trending topic of my heart.”

“¿A qué hora sales por el pan?”

This is one of the most popular ones and my personal favorite! You’re basically asking for time to meet up. Translation: “What time do you get your bread?”

“Mi café favorito, es el de tu compañía.”

For the coffee lovers! Translation: “My favorite coffee is the one with your company.” 

“Soy tu mayor fan, por eso cuidaré a tu corazón con más delicadeza que a un mazapán.”

Aw, so sweet. For those who don’t know: mazapanes will break even by looking at them (just kidding!) Translation: “I’m your biggest fan, which is why I’ll take care of your heart with more delicacy than a mazapán.”

“Eres como Netflix… podría mirarte durante horas.”

For the streaming lovers! Translation: “You’re like Netflix… I could watch you for hours.”

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