Poderosas Virtual Conference, A Digital and Empowering Event

Poderosas Virtual Conference 2021 BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News.

Women’s History Month is still going, and its final days are stronger than ever. Recently, People en Español and its parent company Meredith Corporation hosted their second annual Poderosa Conference, which originally started in 2012. Due to the ongoing pandemic, they opted for the event to be virtual this year. 

BELatina News spoke to People en Español’s Beauty and Fashion Director, Kika Rocha, to learn more about the event. 

According to her, the Poderosas Virtual Conference celebrates Latinas in many different fields and aims to empower and inspire women. The panel discussions include how to start your own business, self-care and wellness, finances, and so much more.

Though women’s impact in history is ever-present, events such as these provide women with knowledge vital for their growth. This is why the Poderosas Virtual Conference focused on topics that will nourish Latinas and women’s lives altogether. 

The event had various panels, and each was tailored carefully to appeal to different interests. 

Rocha provided us a bit of insight on these panels. 

“For example, in the panel ‘Health Is Wealth: Strategies to Prioritize Yourself & Improve Your Life,’ CEO of JRE Enterprises Rosie Rivera and content creator and presenter Carolina Sandoval will talk about the importance of mental health. We’re dealing with a lot of anxiety and fear and now more than ever, and it’s SO important for us to be good to ourselves. Once we feel good about ourselves, we’re able to help others and be the best version of ourselves,” she said. 

Aside from speaking about the conference, we also talked about the beauty and fashion industry overall. Since Rocha had begun working for People en Español in 2002, she was able to recall the industry’s advancements.  

“Now, 20 years later, it’s amazing to see how we have changed and embraced who we are, where we come from, how we look,” she said. “We have forced the whole industry to change around us.”

Even she is contributing to this change thanks to her personal online space, #TipsdeKika, where she shares beauty and fashion tips with women to help them decipher how to look good while helping them find smart ways to look their best depending on the colors that will benefit their skin, wearing clothes that highlight various body shapes, among other things. 

To many of us, change can be difficult to identify. It may even feel as though things are stagnant, but progress is made every day. The Poderosas Virtual Conference is a true testament to this. 

If you missed the conference, feel free to visit People en Español to look over the highlights and its interactive chat. 

This year’s conference featured participants: Adamari López, Rosie Rivera, María Elena Salinas, Carolina Sandoval, Angel Merino, Michelle Posada, Mariela Dabbah Nely Galán, and other wonderful personalities.