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Poetry by Sawhney: Eternal Cycle

Photo courtesy of BELatina
Photo courtesy of BELatina

Poetry has fueled humanity for as long as time has existed. It is the simplest form of communicating the complex feelings brought by current society’s trends. Although, some trends have remained consistent. From love to angst to fear, it is continuously present.  This is why we publish poetry by Latina poet, Sawhney.

Her poems give us a glimpse at what may be running through her mind — and more often than not — many others resonate with her poetry.

Dive into one of her recent poems, Eternal Cycle:

I have words

and I have concerns

and I have undiluted fears

that waited to be proved right

that wait to be wronged


I have a ferocious drive

that hums in the background

and I hold a silent strength

that works throughout the night


I have hands that mold life’s clay

and eyes to see a future past

the draft in progress


I am designed

by ancestral wisdom

and embellished

by dynamic bursts of inspiration


I am more than just flesh and spirit walking this earth



I play my part

in my eternal cycle:

in bloom today,

preparing for my rebirth tomorrow.

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