Prepare Your Soul and Espiritu for the March 28th Full Moon

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Historically, full moons have been times of magic. It’s the magical* moon phase where the entirety of the moon’s surface appears fully illuminated from our perspective here on Earth. 

This year, March’s full moon will land on Sunday the 28th, making it the first full moon of Spring and the first full moon of the astrological New Year, which is always kicked off by Aries season on March 20th. Astrologers consider the astrological New Year as a time to visualize the life you want and set intentions for the future. 

Since the moon has long been thought of by mystics as a force that regulates natural phenomena, human beings are also affected by the moon’s phases. As opposed to the new moon, which is considered a time to set your intentions for the future, the full moon is thought of as a fruition time. Traditionally, full moons have been a time of heightened emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Because of all these new astrological and natural phases, the March 28th full moon symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and fresh starts. In various Native American folklore traditions, the March full moon was called the “Worm Moon” because of the preponderance of earthworms crawling out of the soil to enjoy the warmer weather. In other words, the Worm Moon is one of the first signs of spring.

According to astrologers, the March 28th full moon will be the Libra moon. A Libra moon will encourage many people to reflect on their relationships, whether romantic, platonic, or professional. Astrologists say that the Libra moon will provoke “relationship epiphanies” that may have been cloudy or unsure before. 

The Libra moon has charming and graceful energy that will inspire you to take a stance of compromise and negotiation in relationship conflicts. Because of this, the full moon might be the perfect time for you to schedule that difficult conversation you’ve meant to have because all parties involved will be more diplomatic. 

As always, take this month’s full moon as a time to practice gratitude and appreciate all you have manifested for yourself throughout your life. Take a moment to light a candle or incense, write a few lines in your gratitude journal, and get in touch with your espíritu. Also–don’t forget to take a second to go outside and soak in the beautiful Worm-Moon beams. Your soul will thank you. 

If you’re unsure what time the March 28th full moon will be visible in your part of the world, click here for a heads-up.