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Problematic Allegations Against Famous Latinos That Make Us Question Their Support for Women

Problematic Allegations Against Famous Latinos That Make Us Question Their Support for Women belatina latine

TW: Sexual abuse, abuse, domestic violence 

If social media has taught us anything is that most Latino households have shared the same experiences.  

As the popularity of social media and instant access to communication continued to grow, many realized that Fabuloso is the cleaning staple for our community, getting woken up by loud music to clean on the weekends is a thing, and that seemingly everyone is forced to drink caldo during the hottest weather of the year. Somehow, we’ve all unknowingly been living the same life – we’ve just been in different locations. It doesn’t matter if you’re Colombian, Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, Dominican, Peruvian, or from any other country in Latin America and/or the Caribbean, there are experiences that were shared — in a way — collectively.  

One of those experiences is also the support our families had for their favorite Latino entertainers. We are talking about the names all Latino families know, si o si, such as Juan Gabriel, Celia Cruz, Thalia, Carlos Vives, Shakira, and Don Francisco, to name a few.  

But some well-known Latinos received blind support from our family and friends. And blind support is not always ideal. Not even our favorites are free of sin. Some have been accused of complicated things regarding women that would make anyone question supporting them.  

Unfortunately, Ricardo Arjona, Cosculluela, and Gloria Trevi are among the famous Latinos with questionable behavior. Let’s take a look at the problematic allegations against them.  

Ricardo Arjona has domestic violence allegations against him

Even though Ricardo Arjona, 59, is considered a self-proclaimed romantic and has the ability to compel women (for some odd reason) to undress during his concerts with his song “desnuda,” he has a dark past. In 2002, his ex-wife and former Miss Puerto Rico, Leslie Torres, reported him and asked for a divorce due to claims of both physical and domestic abuse. The Guatemalan singer, Arjona, appealed the allegations by claiming Torres had also abused him. They finalized their divorce in 2006. 

However, a few years later, in 2018, Arjona said some things in an interview with El Pais that left many perturbed. During the interview, he was asked about Hollywood’s “Me Too” movement, to which he responded by saying that if a person doesn’t come forward, they are complicit. 

This was his original statement is in Spanish: 

“Si una persona no lo declara a tiempo, se hace un poco cómplice”.  

The interviewer later asked about a hypothetical situation where his daughter is sexually harassed and how he would react. The “El Problema” singer said that if she doesn’t react, she’s complicit in the situation and he doesn’t tolerate that.  

It’s evident how uninformed Arjona is about sexual abuse. There’s no right or wrong time to come forward. In fact, many women don’t ever come forward due to the unjust prevalence of power dynamics, the fear of not being believed, and due to so many other valid reasons.  

Gloria Trevi is at the center of sexual abuse allegations again

A new civil lawsuit against Mexican pop singer, Gloria Trevi, was recently filed by two Jane Does. She is being accused of grooming underage girls to have sex with her former partner, producer Sergio Andrade. This comes almost two decades after a Mexican judge acquitted her of charges consisting of rape, kidnapping, and corruption of minors.  

Trevi took to her Instagram to explain herself and state that she, too, was a victim.  

“Being a victim of physical and sexual abuse is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. I say it, and I know it, because I am a survivor.” She also added that she won’t remain silent for crimes she didn’t commit.  

However, in the new lawsuit, the two women claim that Trevi initiated the process to join Andrade’s alleged music training program when they were only 13 and 15 years old, respectively. This music training program, as they claim, was only a cover-up for a sex cult.  

The lawsuit reads that both Trevi and Andrade used their role, status, and power to their advantage.  

“[Trevi and Andrade] used their role, status and power as a well-known and successful Mexican pop star and a famous producer to gain access to, groom, manipulate and exploit [the victims] and coerce sexual contact with them over a course of years.” 

Cosculluela was accused of sending his ex-wife to the hospital

A couple of allegations have been made against the Puerto Rican urban music singer, Cosculluela, also known as José Fernando Cosculluela Suárez. The most recent ones involve domestic abuse, which was reported by two of his former wives.  

The first case involved Gigi More, whose birth name is Gina Moreno, and she claimed that she was a victim of abuse.  

In 2013, More was invited to the Puerto Rican radio show, “El Circo,” to disclose details of her alleged abuse. She mentioned how there was a moment when she ended up in the hospital but hadn’t reported him. According to her, she was hospitalized for two days.  

Fast-forward to 2022, Coscu is accused of abuse by yet another ex-wife, Jennifer Fungenzi. She testified in front of Puerto Rico’s highest court against the Puerto Rican singer. She stated that he assaulted her during her second pregnancy, was unfaithful, and that he would burn her clothes. Judge Carlos Capó from Humacao’s court found cause for his arrest. He was arrested for 13 counts of mistreatment under Law 54 and two charges for violations of the Weapons Law. 

Gina Moreno, nonetheless, went on the record to say that she doesn’t believe Fungenzi’s claims. Meanwhile, Cosculluela hasn’t said anything regarding the delicate manner.  

What a mess.  

The bottom line here is that women deserve to be supported and respected at all times. Our culture needs to stop being so permissive.  

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