Psychedelic Band the Marias Returns to the Stage With an Electrifying Show

The Marias BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Farah Sosa.

Los Angeles psychedelic soul band The Marias played their first post-pandemic show last Friday at the Ford Amphitheater in the Hollywood Hills. The band led by Puerto Rican vocalist Maria Zardoya delighted their fans in a beautiful natural setting, with a multi-colored illuminated atmosphere that, complete with a swan as an ode to the band’s aesthetic, set a complementary mood to their soft and sensual music, filling the air with a soothing tone from the start.

The Marias opened the show with the first notes of “Just a Feeling” at 9 p.m., and the audience was quickly captivated by Zardoya’s vocals, which took them on a journey to the sound of their debut album, CINEMA.

But by the second track, “Calling You Back,” already Zardoya, along with her partner, Josh Conway on drums, and her bandmates Edward James on keyboards, and guitarist Jesse Perlman had the audience on their feet and grooving to their repertoire, gravitating to the pit area of the amphitheater.

The Marias Ford BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Farah Sosa.

It’s no wonder that The Marías’ music keeps you entranced from start to finish — from Zardoya’s voice to Perlman’s guitar riffs, the group takes you by the hand on a journey into a world of their own.

Zardoya spoke graciously about the release of their latest album, as the band performed most of the songs throughout the night.

The band also played their previous hits from the Superclean volumes, such as “Cariño” (which served as the closing track), “Ruthless,” “Over the Moon,” “I Don’t Know You,” and “Basta Ya.” They performed most of CINEMA, limiting themselves to the two tracks “To Say Hello” and “Talk to Her.”

However, the night could not pass without a nod to influences and current reality, in the best The Marias style, when they played the beginning of the popular version of “…Baby One More Time.” Zardoya introduced the song by mentioning the conservatorship of pop icon Britney Spears, telling her audience that “nobody should be telling us what to do.”

Additionally, the YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) beautifully chimed in to accompany their song “Fog as a Bullet,” which was one of the best moments towards the end of the night. The ambiance was unmatched under the moonlight as the audience swayed in response to each of Zardoya’s lyrics. 

The Marías is currently promoting CINEMA, and they recently released their latest video for “Calling U Back,” the second lead single. The music video was directed by Bethany Vargas and María Zardoya and written by Zardoya, Bethany Vargas, Josh Conway. The lead singer also helped with the styling and editing — making it clear that she is hands-on with the band’s creative process and overall unique aesthetic. Even though The Marías just began their musical journey in 2016, we are excited to see what is next with their fusing capabilities as musicians.