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Quince to the Polls: Young Latinas Call Out Voters In Texas

Quince to the Polls: Young Latinas Call Out Voters In Texas belatina latine
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There’s been a plethora of innovative ways that companies are presenting to get eligible Latine voters to the poll centers. 

From Chispa app, which partnered up with Voto Latino, to A-List Latina powerhouses speaking up about the importance of the Latino vote – all effort is being heard. The latest? Texas’ Poder Quince initiative: a movement that meshes voting and culture.

“You have the power to build a stronger democracy in Texas and the country,” Poder Quince’s official website reads. “While the demographics alone are not destiny, increasing civic participation of your community through your quinceañera will create a new tradition that many can follow.”

As we know, the Latine culture celebrates a quinceañera as a transition to womanhood. With this new POV, Poder Quince encourages quinceañeras to also use this opportunity to pledge to defend their family and community by voting – and it’s incredible.

How’d Poder Quince come to be? 

Poder Quince partnered up with Jolt Initiative and Harness to create a unique “Get Out the Vote” activation event titled “Quince to the Polls” on October 29.

During “Quince to the Polls” young Latinas used this opportunity to call out their friends and family to vote in San Antonio, Texas. They dressed up in their lavish dresses and participated in a mini-festival that featured a press conference with notable Latine figureheads to talk about the importance of the upcoming elections.

This time, America Ferrera, Rosie Castro, Councilwoman Teri Castillo, and Congressman Joaquin Castro were part of those who participated. Other participants included “Gentefied’s” Annie Gonzalez, the Latinx band Luna Luna, and the emerging Mexican-American artist Doris Anahí, who all lend their voices to this movement.


“Grateful to work alongside these movers & shakers, bringing our community together and celebrate in the name of civic engagement. @americaferrera, thank you for all that you are and do to uplift us,” Doris Anahí wrote online. “You’ve inspired me to use my voice for almost 20 years. Now here we are, side by side, fighting the good fight.”

She continued: “There isn’t one way to vote, but it absolutely matters that WE do. Let’s reclaim our power together.”

Learn more about Poder Quince – and how to participate – at their official website

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