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Read My Lips: How to Gloss Like A Boss

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There’s a fine line between sexy glossy lips and the ones that look like you had Louisiana’s best for lunch. It takes some behind the scenes effort to get lips that look perfectly enticing. The ads in magazines make it look effortless and are meant to suck us in. However, the only takeaway from those campaigns should be some insights on getting kissable lips in real life.

What they don’t tell you is how they prepped the lips to get that perfectly smooth luscious shine in the photo. Before applying any gloss, for example, overnight care is key. This will give you a smooth finish so that when you’re ready to gloss, you can do it like a boss!

Today’s Forecast: Balmy

The best way to keep your lips looking silky smooth, with minimal dead skin lingering, is to do a lip scrub followed by a balm. You can use your facial scrub and pay special attention to your lips, or you can use a lip scrub specifically for your lips. The latter is made with extra emulsifiers to deeply hydrate your lips, some like Colourpop or Jouer use Jojoba or coconut oil as a prime ingredient in the scrub.

After you rinse, be extra generous with your conditioning lip mask, also known as lip balm. Lip balms are made to condition the lips. Just like the rest of your face, your lips need special attention, too. The balm is made to keep your lips hydrated and helps to eradicate noticeable fine lines. When you wake up in the morning, your lips will be primed and ready for your favorite lip color. You can add more balm as a base before lipstick so it glides on seamlessly. Balms are usually not greasy, meant to moisturize, so putting on lipstick over it would keep your lips from cracking or flaking throughout the day. This is especially optimal if you like wearing matte lipstick. Whether you wear your balm alone or with lipstick, you will always have the same end results: moist, luscious lips!

Sheer Brilliance

Here’s where the fun starts. You bought a new lip color and you’re looking for gloss that will give you shine without compromising your new favorite hue. The answer is clear. Yes, clear gloss is the key. Some of the best clear glosses on the market are from Mac’s Lipglass, Colourpop’s So Juicy and Glossier. Any one of these will give you the high shine you want, without changing your lip color. The other cool option of sheer lip gloss is that they come in tinted colors. So, if you have a pink lipstick where you wanted to lift the hue, you can add pink gloss over it to achieve that effect. Tinted gloss gives you many shades, yet allows complete control in the direction you want to take the tone, making it ideal for this trick. Whether clear or tinted, either way your shine will be brilliant.

Frosty Glossy

Bling is not just for the wrist. We can sparkle on the lips, too! While matte lipstick is cool, we can step it up a notch with some serious frost. Most lipstick companies caught on to the game and started making the frosty version of your favorite matte lipstick. This way you can go from office chic to go-out glam just in time for that happy hour or fashion event you’ve been waiting all week to attend. Frosted gloss can completely change the look and give you drama without breaking the bank. It’s the easiest day to night accessory you can carry in your purse.  

Glossing can be so fun. There is so much versatility in its use that we could all be wearing the same gloss, yet none would look the same. That’s the beauty of lip gloss; it’s a great way to add your own personal touch even during occasions where you have to conform (bridal parties, occupation, and so forth). This is the one area where no one can dictate your uniqueness. The added benefit is that many have healing properties; from dry lip repair and sun protectors to lip plumping ingredients, all promising solutions to your lip woes. Whatever your dilemma, the possibilities are indeed endless.

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