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BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Messi Makes History, Zoe Saldaña, Claudia Díaz Pérez, and More

Credit: Instagram, Listin Diario, and Them

¡Buenos días, mi gente!  

It’s safe to say that this was an eventful weekend. From Argentina becoming this year’s World Cup winner to the first Latina sworn in as mayor in a city in California, it was quite a busy few days. 

Let’s take a look at other Latine-related stories from the weekend.  

Messi becomes the greatest soccer player of our time 

After playing soccer since the age of 13, Lionel Messi finally won the World Cup after an intense game against France. This makes Argentina’s third World Cup win, after 36 years; they last won in 1986. However, this game was filled with historical moments. For one, Messi surpassed Pele’s legendary track record, making Messi the greatest player of all time (but Pele will always remain a legend.) “El Pibe” won the World Cup Golden Ball twice, which made him the first soccer player in an all-male team to do so. Messi is also the first player — who is open about being on the Autism spectrum — to win the prestigious sports award.  

The world took to the streets to celebrate the majestic win. “Muchachos, Esta Noche Me Emborracho” by the Argentine band, La Mosca Tse Tse, became the go-to celebration song. There’s no doubt this win was one for Argentina and the Latine community! 


Zoe Saldaña is honored with a mural in the Dominican Republic 

Zoe Saldaña is receiving her flowers! After being lauded for her performance in the long-awaited “Avatar” second movie, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” she’s getting the praise she deserves. The Dominican-descent actress is even honored with her own mural in the province, Sánchez Ramírez, to recognize her cinematographic contributions. Saldaña’s roots are within this province.  

Palm Springs swears in first Latina mayor    

Grace Elena Garner

Palm Springs, California has a new mayor, Grace Elena Garner. And not just any mayor – a Latina mayor! In fact, she is the first Latina to hold this position in Palm Springs. In 2019, she was sworn into the city council for the first time and was reelected in November.  

Chilean transgender activist found dead  

On a more tragic note, Chilean transgender activist Claudia Díaz Pérez, was, sadly, found dead. Pérez was 73 and her death is being investigated as a possible murder and hate crime. She was the president of “Club de Adultos Mayores Sobrevivientes del 73,” Chile’s first organization for older trans people that recognized the brutality caused by former military dictator Augusto Pinochet Ugarte’s direction in 1973. The Latina transgender icon was also a member of another trans organization, Sindicato Afrodita. Unfortunately, hate crimes against transgender people of color continue to happen. Something needs to change immediately. May she rest in peace and may justice be served soon. 

The House voted to approve the Puerto Rico Status Act 

Three days ago, the House voted 233-191 to move forward with the Puerto Rico Status Act, which would give Puerto Ricans autonomy over their political future. Through this act, Puerto Ricans would be given the choice of a democratic process over their status, whether it’s to become a U.S. state, an independent country, or a self-governing identity. Though Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens and pay taxes, they have no voting representation in Congress and can’t vote for the U.S. president.  

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