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6 ‘Regalitos’ That Are Perfect for Your Tía That’s Always On Vacation Mode

6 ‘Regalitos’ That Are Perfect for Your ‘Tía’ That’s Always On Vacation Mode Belatina latine

The holidays are here, and when it comes to finding the perfect regalito, we always look for something unique that goes hand in hand with their personalities. Some even take into account the giftee’s favorite hobbies and more. I mean, they deserve to be happy when they open their gifts. 

Now, we all have that travel-lover tía in the family – or it could also be a prima, a madrina, or a friend — who’s always looking for the best flight deals and online shopping for anything that will make her travel duties less of a hassle when hitting the airport. 

So, here at BELatina, we compiled a list of different regalitos that will make your viajera family member more excited for her new adventure. What’s the best part of this list? The products are all from Latine-owned shops!

The chancla, but make it comfy and turn it into a concha slipper – MexiStuff

These cute concha slippers will keep your tía feeling like she’s walking on clouds while relaxing in her hotel room or Airbnb. In case she’s not a pan dulce enthusiast, you can always get her a pair of bolillo slippers. 

A stylish and unique tote bag that is perfect for both long and short trips – Valfré

We all have that tía moderna who’s always rocking colorful and stylish accessories that stand out in a room full of black and pearl-colored garments. This tote from Valfré has both style and practicality written on it.

A Virgencita t-shirt that will make the perfect travel outfit – Bella Doña

Whether looking for a stylish outfit or a comfy outfit, this tee can be used with heels and a skirt for a night out or paired with sweatpants for a relaxed fit when getting into the airport. The best part? La Virgencita.

A chic swimsuit for those days at the beach – Hermoza

Hermoza has a huge selection of swimwear of all types, and we are sure you’ll find the perfect suit for that tía who’s always looking to escape from the cold weather and visit a calm, sunny beach. This specific green and white model is Oprah-approved. 

A concha pouch for coins or whatever small cositas that also matches the concha slippers – Artelexia 

This little concha pouch is perfect for your purse and will keep your traveler tía’s coins, pills, receipts, or whatever she needs in one single place. If you decide to also get the slippers, this little accessory will match perfectly.

A perfectly-sized notebook for all the trip notes – Hija De Tu Madre

A small — but not too small — notebook that fits everywhere but also lets you write all kinds of reminders and ideas always comes in handy when strolling around a new city and getting inspired by what our eyes are witnessing. You can’t go wrong with this pink Hija De Tu Madre cuadernito that will also remind your tía to always echarle ganas

I’m already adding all these to my shopping cart and ordering them as a regalito for my traveler self! 

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