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Curly Queens Rejoice! Rizos Curls Makes Its Target Debut

BELatina Rizos Curl Target
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Rizos Curls, aka the must-have haircare products for curly queens with unruly tresses, is finally available to the masses. And let us all say hallelujah! This week the Latina-owned brand launched at Target, and it’s a BIG deal, for curly-haired women and Latinas everywhere. 

The story behind this Latina-owned and operated business is impressive, to say the least. This self-funded curly haircare brand began not with a business plan, but with a personal mission to create beauty products that helped women, particularly Latinas, who struggled to manage their curly hair, and who wanted to enhance their natural, cultural beauty. Julissa Prado, founder and CEO of Rizos Curls, simply wanted to create products that worked for her hair; that desire, partnered with her mission to challenge traditional beauty standards, led to the birth of Rizos Curls — a curly haircare brand that is as much a social media movement and community as it is a beauty company. Julissa describes Rizos Curls as community first; it is “all about curls, community, and culture,” she told BeLatina in an earlier interview. Her brand celebrates the unique texture of curls and embraces the beauty of Latinas (and their hair). Rizos Curls not only empowers women to wear their curls and their culture with pride, but it also helps them achieve gorgeous tresses, because these products actually work.

Her brand quickly developed a cult following, and Julissa continues to channel that support and uses her platform to empower other Latinas to be the best version of themselves. Rizos Curls authentically celebrates Latinx culture in ways that few brands do.

And now it’s a whole lot easier for curly-haired women everywhere to get their hands on these magical products. On January 27th, Prado announced via a hilarious Instagram post that Rizos Curls was launching at Target. Her post features what she calls a #LegallyRizos video, spoofing Elle Woods’ infamous Legally Blond Harvard Law School application video. It made us laugh out loud (literally) and delivered both smiles and big news that is worthy of a beauty shopping spree and a huge celebration. “As an underdog in the beauty industry, we want to show the power a small, self-funded Latina owned business can have in retail. We want our launch into mainstream retail to show that our community is MORE than consumers, WE ARE entrepreneurs, we are innovators, we are creators,” Prado said in her post.   Also, pro tip: follow @RizosCurls and @julissa_prado on Instagram, we promise you won’t regret it.

This is the first major retail partnership for Rizos Curls, and starting today, Rizos Curls’ five main products — Hydrating Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Refresh & Detangle Spray, Curl Defining Cream, and Rizos Reina Trio Travel Kit — are now available at more than 120 Targets across the country and Target.com nationwide.

“It is truly a dream come true to see Rizos Curls on Target shelves after launching only two years ago. Rizos Curls is a personal labor of love from the formulas I created to pouring my life savings into this company as a completely self-funded and independently owned family business,” said Julissa in a press release following the launch. “It is the Rizos Curls community of more than 191,000 women and men around the world, who propelled our success and grabbed the attention of Target. We are grateful to align ourselves with a retailer who champions our brand mantra of the three C’s — Curls, Community and Culture, and we’re so excited to now make Rizos Curls more accessible to curly women and men across the country.”

Curly girls (and guys) listen up: Shop Rizos Curls at Target today…  It’s time to show that this self-funded, Latina owned, small business deserves a place on the shelf (literally) at Target and beyond. To shop Rizos Curls at Target, visit www.Target.com or visit one of the select Target stores. And don’t forget to join the conversation on social media with #RizosCurlsatTarget.

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