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Unbelievable Ways to Save Money While Traveling Around Australia

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Doing a long-trip to Australia can be challenging on a budget, but there are many tips and tricks for saving money. 

7 Do Your Research in Advance – Find a Focus of Interest

One of the most expensive aspects of traveling to Australia is the airfare. If you look for deals, you might find a well-priced flight. With so many websites, such as Skyscanner, Google Flights, you have the option to compare dates and airlines, to find which is the best option for your budget. If you are a frequent traveler, you can also use some of your points or miles towards the ticket.

6 Fly During Their Peak Season

Spring and Fall are shoulder seasons in Australia — a travel period between peak and off-peak seasons. Summer is the peak season (December-February) therefore, these months are more expensive. 

Travel by Bus or Train

Look for places you can avoid flying, as it is almost always cheaper to travel by bus or train rather than flying. Greyhound Australia offers lots of deals and cheaper tickets, as opposed to renting a car. Also, some cities have deals on travel passes for multiple days and even weeks.

Choose the areas you want to visit in advance. Australia is big so you may not cover it all. You always need to research what you would like to see and figure out the easiest routes for moving from one place to the next.

5 Work and Travel


With so many opportunities online, remote jobs, there are many ways to earn money, so why not work online while traveling long term in Australia? It is a great way to allow you to travel sooner (needing less money upfront), they earn more while you’re also enjoying the country.

Get a Working Holiday Visa

If you are eligible, a good way to save money for travel is by getting a working holiday visa. It is a good experience, helping you to travel longer and more effectively.


There are so many programs where you can volunteer where they provide lodging, food and other perks. This can work for long-term traveling, and there’s the bonus of giving back to the community.

4 Rent an Apartment or Stay in a Budget-Friendly Accommodation

Travellers Autoban

When traveling to Australia, it is best to rent an apartment or even a room using companies like Airbnb. You can consider renting a hotel room or Airbnb room for just a few days then, once you are there, try to look for a room/homestay in someone’s house or apartment for the rest of your stay. Sometimes it’s easier to search locally, by asking around the neighborhood for rental availabilities. Another thing to consider is a farmstay. The more flexible you are, the more options you will have from which to choose.

Rent an RV or Buy a Campervan

Australia has amazing scenery, and this is a great way to explore it on your own terms. And it’s great to always have a place to stay.

3 Avoid Buying Food/Water Around the Popular Landmarks

Farmers Market

Tourist area prices are usually higher than in local areas. Traveling with snacks is a great way to save time and avoid the temptation to eat out a lot.

Buy Your Own Groceries at Local Market or Supermarkets

A good way to save money wherever you travel is by eating out less and cooking where you stay. Therefore, renting an apartment or room provides the use of a kitchen. Also, many hostels or guesthouses have shared kitchen space for their guests. It is something to think about when you are researching for your trip.

Refill Your Water

Traveling with a refillable bottle is much more common now than years ago. This way you can spend less on buying water and you help the environment at the same time by lowering your carbon footprint. If you prefer bottled water, you can always buy bigger bottles (they are cheaper) and use them to refill your bottle.

2 Travel Light

Bring fewer items to your trip, or try to fit it all in one carry-on to avoid flight baggage fees. It is also a good idea to avoid any extra charges on other forms of public transportation. For example, when taking buses between cities, some have luggage restrictions and fees.

1 Find Online Free Walking Tours and Activities

This will definitely help you see/do more, enjoying your time while also on a budget.

Visit Parks

There are always lots of places you can enjoy without paying an entrance fee.

Look for Museums and Free Attractions

Australia has many free places to visit or find a reduced fee or free entrance on certain days of the week. 

Find Discount Cards

There are many discount cards that you can buy online or while in Australia. These cards can help you save money on many popular attractions while also saving you time from standing in long lines to buy tickets.

Withdraw Money from an ATM

You usually get better exchange rates than going to a place to exchange cash. Compare rates and make smarter decisions.

Save Your Tips and Share Your Tips

In Australia, tipping is appreciated but not required. Tips are not expected in bars. The rule of thumb is to find out the local practice of tipping. 

Many of these tips can help you regardless of where you travel. Just remember to not allow the expenses to keep you from an amazing experience. Australia is definitely worth it! Have you ever been to Australia? What other ways did you save money while traveling around? 

The article was originally published on Dreams In Heels by Olga Maria.

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