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Daisy Auger-Dominguez Inclusion Revolution

Meet Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Author of ‘Inclusion Revolution’

Decades of disparity and racial inequality have led to a global reckoning. As a result, organizations across the country are being confronted with a...
Diversity Workplace BELatina Latinx

Companies Need to Start Advocating for Diversity Beyond Their Products

It's no secret that individuals, especially Black Americans, are dealing with a mixture of emotions and thoughts during these troubling, unstable and terrifying times...
forgiveness BELatina MLK Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: The Legacy of a Civil Rights Activist

Every year on the third Monday of January we remember and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy. Observed for the first time on January...
Chicana feminism BELatina Latinx

Let’s Talk About Chicana Feminism and How We Might Apply It Today

As we navigate the turbulent waters of today's inequality, it is perhaps prudent to cast an eye back in history and look at other...
Latinos California Housing BELatina Latinx

Latinos Among Demographics at Risk From California’s Rising Rents

Comida y casa are at the top of anyone's list of priorities. In Latino culture, this is even more true. But what happens when...
White-Passing Latine BELatina Latinx

Why It’s Problematic To Say You’re a White-Passing Latine

“It’s funny about ‘passing.’ We disapprove of it and at the same time condone it,” were the words of American novelist of the Harlem...
Critical Race Theory BELatina Latinx

The Complexities of Critical Race Theory and Why It Matters

It's hard to escape critical race theory; an academic concept that was once obscure is now everywhere. Children, parents, educators, lawmakers, activists, citizens, politicians,...
POC Coronavirus COVID 19 BELatina

No, the Coronavirus Does Not Discriminate Between Races or Skin Color; But the American...

Latinos and African Americans in the United States share many demographic traits: Both groups represent high-density communities, both have enriched our culture like no...
African Americans Affected Covid 19 BELatina

The Death Rate from Coronavirus in the African-American Community in the United States is...

It would be irresponsible to say that the coronavirus pandemic affects everyone equally. While measures such as containment have put much of the world in...
Spanish Language BELatina

Is Speaking Spanish Enough to Win Over Latino Voters?

The answer is "no." Since the opening of the Democratic primary debates, the ability of some candidates to speak Spanish has been as laudable as...
BELatina racism trump

The Tragic Impact of Today’s Blatant Racism on Our Kids’ Mental Health

The second Monday in October has been a Federal holiday in the United States since 1937, a recognition of the encounter between Europe and...
night shift workers BELatina

Unpredictable Work Schedules Are Wreaking Havoc on the Lives of Shift Workers, Putting POC...

There’s a common refrain among people who work service jobs that everyone should be required to work in the service industry at least once...