Selena Gomez Releases Two Spanish Songs, Is There A Full Album On The Way?

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Photo courtesy of Billboard.

Selena Gomez first came to the spotlight in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Since then, her musical career has taken off.

Although 2020 was a strange year for many people, but boy was it ‘Rare’ for Gomez, having dropped an album in the middle of the pandemic. 

Now, in 2021, Selena will drop two Spanish-language songs, according to Billboard. One is titled ‘De Una Vez,’ which is her first Spanish single, released on January 15, followed by ‘Baila Conmigo.’

The promotion of both songs has been seen on murals throughout Mexico, and many fans have shared the images through social media, causing a whirlwind of speculation. 

Gomez’s new music is definitely paying homage to her Mexican roots. ‘De Una Vez’ is a song based on healing from heartbreak and becoming the independent woman every girl wants to be. In a tweet in Spanish, Gomez said this was the beginning of something she’s long wanted to explore. 

Gomez had shared before her thoughts on exploring singing in Spanish, admitting in an interview singing in Spanish is not as easy as someone would think.

“The was something I discovered. It was a lot of work, and look, you cannot mispronounce anything. It is something that needed to be precise and needed to be respected by the audience I’m going to release this for,” she said. “Of course, I want everyone to enjoy the music, but I am targeting my fan base. I’m targeting my heritage, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

On another note, the singer also dropped a small trailer for the second season of her cooking show on HBO Max called ‘Selena + Chef,’ showing a snippet of her partner in crime, her grandfather. 

“As you all know by now, I’m not the best cook, but I’m not going to stop trying to get better. So I’m back in my kitchen to get schooled by the best chefs,” she says in the video. The show will return to HBO Max on January 21.