The Importance of Selena Gomez’s New Role as Silvia Vásquez-Lavado

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The third-generation American-Mexican singer, actress, and producer Selena Gomez has been thriving lately with her work on diverse and crucial stories, now bringing the inspirational story of the first openly gay Peruvian-American mountain explorer and entrepreneur Silvia Vásquez-Lavado to life. 

This film will be based on the memoir of Vásquez-Lavado, which will be published in the winter of 2022.

The film’s date has yet to be announced, but it is being brought to the screen under the production and starring of Gomez, the direction of Elgin James known for her work on Little Birds, and also by the production of Oscar-winner Donna Gigliotti known for works such as Shakespeare in Love and Silver Linings Playbook, as reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter

Vásquez-Lavado’s trajectory is both innovative and inspirational, to say the least. She was the first gay woman to complete the challenging Seven Summits, which, if you are not familiar with, is climbing the highest mountains in each of the seven continents. 

She did this incredible challenge from the years October 2005 to June 2018: Kilimanjaro in October 2005, Elbrus in September 2006, Aconcagua in Dec. 2013, Kosciuszko and Carstensz Pyramid in March 2015, Vinson in December 2015, Everest in May 2016, and finally, Denali in June 2018, according to her biography.

The importance of her career does not stop in only the series of strategic climbs. It becomes more concrete by the launch of her non-profit organization, Courageous Girls, which envisions “a world in which survivors of violence and abuse realize they have the power to heal.” 

As a survivor herself, she uses these challenging mountain explorations to reconnect with her inner courage and strength and helps others do the same. In doing so, she brought survivors of sexual violence with her to complete Mount Everest. 

As of right now, the Courageous Girls website reads that she is preparing her next phase for the organization with her Nepali partners to continue her mission.

The star portraying Vásquez-Lavado’s life, Gomez, is known for not only being an award-winning and one of the most listened to pop star, but also now for executive producing intense and thought-provoking films such as Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why which premiered on March 2017, and the docu-series Living Undocumented which premiered on October 2019. Each had its own controversies, but at the end of the day, Gomez continues the dialogue about these crucial, challenging, and heartbreaking issues to a wider audience, respectively.