Selena The Series Part 2 Announces Date in New Trailer

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An unavoidable sign that a film production is well done is when, despite knowing the ending of the story in advance, fans follow the narrative closely, like someone who expects to be surprised at the last moment.

That’s precisely what happens to all of us with “Selena The Series,” the series by screenwriter and executive producer Moises Zamora, which portrays the coming-of-age story that follows Tex-Mex icon, Selena Quintanilla.

After delighting us with a first part, now the producers and Netflix have announced a new premiere date for Selena The Series Part 2, the final installment of the two-part series, starring Christian Serratos as Selena.

The platform has announced the date via a new teaser and image of the series.

Selena The Series Part 2 will continue when Selena is on the brink of stardom, following her journey through the world of Tejano music as she learns to balance her newfound success with her personal life while leading up to her untimely and tragic death in 1995, Rolling Stone reported. Like the first part, the series will focus on the Quintanilla family’s struggle to make Selena the most successful female Latin music artist of all time.