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Self Care: 11 Ways to Weave it Into Everyday Life

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Most of us run around all day in go-mode, often without stopping to think about that we need to recharge and replenish. If we run ourselves ragged without filling up again, we will be running on empty, and like a car out of gasoline, we will eventually have to stop. Self care isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. Don’t think of it as a selfish thing, but rather as something that will help you be your best self and therefore better suited for any service to others. Think you don’t have the time for self care? Check out these simple ways to incorporate the basics of self care into your everyday life.

1 Cultivate Your Connections

While alone time is healthy and necessary, connecting with loved ones helps maintain a happy balance in your life. Friends and family should serve as a support system, be sources of good advice, and serve as partners for fun adventures. Take the time to grab a drink or dinner, make a phone call, and simply remember to appreciate the crucial people in your life.

2 Drink Enough Water

Just drinking enough water can drastically change your life. If you aren’t drinking enough H2O, you can experience fatigue, anxiety, headaches, weight gain, and more. Make sure you get at least eight glasses (which is about 2 liters) a day.

3 Have a Soundtrack to Your Life

Music is healing and transformative. It can help your mood, your health, and provide a soundtrack to your life. For a boost, listen to some of your most motivating  tunes while at work, exercising, and/or during downtime. There is literally a playlist for everything you do throughout the day!

4 Get Some Crucial Sleep

It is important to not only get the right amount of sleep, but the right quality of sleep. Aim for a solid eight hours, and make sure to get to sleep before midnight. After that time, the quality of your sleep is compromised.

5 Keep Active and Stretch

Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day will do wonders for your health, mood, and productivity. It will help you clear your mind, and give you the energy you need for day-to-day tasks. Just remember to stretch! It will keep you limber, increase blood flow, release stress, and keep your body in tip-top shape.

6 Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Often, we don’t associate what we eat with how we feel. A great way to practice self care is to be mindful of what you consume. Read nutrition labels and check ingredients. Try to eat what our ancestors ate — natural food that comes from the earth, and not processed, chemical-ridden “food” from boxes.

7 Have a Happy List

We can’t guarantee that every day will be a good day. But we can find ways to choose happiness every day. One great way is to remind ourselves of what really makes us content. A happy list is a wonderful to do this. Write down all the things that make you happy, and when you are feeling down, you can quickly remind yourself of what brings you joy.

8 Organize Your Space

An organized space will help you in so many ways. It will make it easier to find things, and get projects done in an efficient way. It will help reduce stress, and increase your self-confidence. If you care about your environment, it is saying that you care about yourself.

9 Learn How to Put the Tech Down

Technology gets us through life, but it is not our life. Humans were not meant to be looking at screens all the time, ignoring human interaction in favor of interaction with humans through a technology filter. In order to truly appreciate tech, put it away at times. Be in the moment, connect with other human beings (the old-school way!), and just disconnect.

10 Napping Isn’t Just for Kids

Naps aren’t just for preschoolers — yes, grown ups can benefit from them as well. Taking a short, 20 minute nap during the day can be extremely restorative and relaxing. Just make sure it isn’t too close to your bedtime, or the nap could interfere with your normal sleep schedule.

11 Check Something Off Your To Do List

Since our youth, we are encouraged to start and finish tasks. Once we do, we get that rich feeling of accomplishment. To do lists are great for organizing life, and so much better than trying to remember everything that needs to be done (hello stress!). And nothing beats the feeling you get when running your pen across the paper over something that was once pending, and now completed.

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