Five Self-Help Podcasts for Latinas To Add to Your Playlist

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Photo: Pexels

Podcasts are our new faithful companions. They keep us company as we function in a multitasking world; they provide us with information, and they offer us support. Podcast hosts, along with their content, remind us that we are not alone, and our experiences are not singular. By listening to these episodes, we feel a part of a larger community, something that is so important, especially now. 

Latinx podcasts offer another layer of familiarity, culture, and community, focusing on topics directly affecting us. Those that particularly focus on self-care allow us to unpack issues and improve our lives, seeing everything through a Latinx lens. International Podcast Day is on September 30, and in celebration, we wanted to share with you five Latina self-help podcasts that you definitely need to click “play” on. 


HEROINE is a podcast created by Majo Molfino, which focuses on “deep, meaningful conversations with female visionaries.” Episodes include “Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Story,” “Exploring All Your Identities,” and “How to Undo the Belief That You’re Not Enough.” You’ll be inspired by the success of the women interviewed while learning lessons from them on how to remove roadblocks from your life and be successful.  

Yeah, No, I’m Not OK

It’s okay not to be okay. This is the message behind Diane Guerrero and LAist’s podcast Yeah, No, I’m Not OK. In it, the actress and author interviews celebrities, and a medical expert, on “mental health, healing, and the conversations we should all be having about addiction, depression, anxiety, suicide, radical self-love, and much more.” Look for episodes with Dr. Carl Hart, Dascha Polanco, Residente, Demi Lovato, and Eric Andre.

The Wellness Latina

The next Latinx podcast you should be adding to your listening list is Darling Izzy’s The Wellness Latina. It takes a look at topics like machismo, gender roles, Izzy’s feelings about her spinal injury, “how sibling support is linked to emotional wellness,” and more. It’s wellness, as seen experienced through a Latina filter. 

Gal Pals

Friendship is everything. Engrid Latina and Georgie Morley’s podcast, Gal Pals, is all about “celebrating female friendships and deep convo.” These conversations center around everything, from our body image issues when it comes to photos, how to move away from exercise addiction, “giving and receiving unsolicited advice,” eating disorder recovery, anti-racism, and more. Think of it as a big group of amigas talking about things that matter. 

Feminist Wellness

You had us at “Feminist Wellness.” We want to feel our best while honoring ourselves as women and the empowerment that comes with that. Victoria Albina is the Latina behind the Feminist Wellness podcast, combining “a lot of science with a lot of heart” to teach us the difference between being nice and kind, attachment styles, “letting go of resentment,” boundaries, and more. Victoria is a nurse practitioner and has a Masters of Public Health, so her assessment of these topics comes from a medical expert point of view, backed by science.