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Modern Love: How to Rewrite the Rules of Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve planned a fancy dinner or big cheesy romantic gesture for your S.O., it’s easy to get sucked into all of the romantic hype surrounding February 14, and just as easy to feel let down if your expectations aren’t met. But rather than view Valentine’s Day as some fussed-about event, why not take the day to honor and celebrate all of the different forms of love in your life instead? Here are just a few ways you can rewrite the rules.

4 Set Up a Dinner Party With Your BFFs

Invite your nearest and dearest for a quality meal at home show you care with DIY decorations and special commemorative treats. There’s no better way to show you care than by sharing your favorite foods and drinks together.

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Try a ‘Valentine buffet’ or even a potluck where all of your friends can chip in. And if you’re stumped on ideas, here’s a great list of menu and game options from Reluctant Entertainer.

3 Practice Self-Love

Let’s face it, many of us are unquestionably tough on ourselves on a daily basis. Whether we’re hung up on our past mistakes or fail to see the good we do for others, there’s no denying we could all use a little more self-appreciation.

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For this Valentine’s day, try writing yourself a detailed love letter from the perspective of a close friend treat yourself to a massage, and surround yourself with beauty. Give yourself all of the things you’d like someone else to do for you.

2 Give Back

Remember the nostalgia of swapping Valentine cards at school when you were a kid? Just a few words of affirmation could make you feel all bubbly inside. If you’re struggling this holiday, try lifting someone else up by giving back.

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We could all use a bit of kindness, and according to Edith Zimmerman at The Cut, the best way to instantly feel better when you’re down is to email someone a compliment.

1 Pamper Your Pet

February 14 isn’t only about your human relationships, it’s a also a great day to show your furry friends just how much you love and appreciate them. Share the love by taking them for an outing on the beach or offer them a special treat.

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Why not get creative and have a fun photo shoot of you both? More importantly, remember to relax and spend the day pampering your best friend.

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